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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    I found this article link title on the 42RE Governor Pressure Solenoid and Sensor. Thought it might give you some ideas. I can see your main problem is seeing if the trouble is coming from inside or outside your transmission. Good luck!
  • The transmission slipping on a left turn is a classic sign of a low transmission fluid on the 42RE transmission used on the '95-'98 Jeeps. That happened to me and adding fluid solved the problem.

    Have someone recheck the fluid levels (maybe someone else as it could be a not-very-ethical transmission shop) under the conditions specified in the manual. For the 42RE it is with the oil hot, the engine running, and the transmission put in Neutral. But it could be different for your car. The shop I took it to wasn't going to put it in Neutral until I pointed out that that was what was written in the manual. No malice on their part, they're just used to checking it with the transmission in Park.
  • I have a 2006 JGC Laredo V8:

    Seems like the jeep is in a "limp mode". In order to get it to move it you have to rev the engine in order for reverse or the jump into 3rd gear to catch. Had Pep Boys check it out. They said it could possibly be the solenoid. Anyone have any idea's? There are some codes they issued with the OBDII check. I'll post them when I can find them.
  • My 95 4.0 with the 42RE transmission seems like it's in limp mode but we don't think it is. I'm getting a code for the governor pressure sensor in the tranny. I think when I replaced the head gasket and moved the wires it caused this, because before it shifted fine. I also think the sensor or solenoid may have just went bad.

    When I pull out it starts in 1st somtimes and most of the time 2nd. And aome times I have to rev it higher then it slams into gear and takes off.:confuse:

    Go here and it will tell about the solenoid and sensor. This is for the 42RE transmission.">link title
  • Here are the OBD II codes that came back for my Jeep transmission problem:

    P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction
    P0731 Gear 1 Incorrect ratio
    P0732 Gear 2 Incorrect ratio
    P0871 Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch "C" Circuit Range/Performance
    P0876 Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch "D" Circuit Range/Performance


    Shifter will move from Park to reverse, driver, etc... however it will not engage to reverse, drive, etc without gasing to near redline rpm.

  • After you are moving does the transmission feel strong or does it slip alot. How's the fluild and level look, and how many miles, or have you changed the filter and fluid.
  • When the trans does catch it jumps to 3rd gear and stays there until I come to a stop. When I come to a stop, it's the same thing all over again where I have to gas it to catch 3rd. There is no other shifting.

    Also the MIL light goes on when this does happen. I've reset the MIL by disconnecting the battery. After resetting, turning the car on, the display does not illuminate the MIL. Only after I trying to drive does the MIL show up.

    Had the car idle for about 15 to 20 mins before checking the trans fluid level. The color looks good. It's bright red/pink tint. And the level is at a good level when hot. The jeep has 33,500 miles. Have had the jeep for a little over a year (14 months).
  • I have a 2000 jgc 4.0 4x2 the reverse doesn't work now, could it be the control box for the shifter or would it be only the tranny needs to be replaced.
  • My brother a mechanic told me you should drive the vehicle till operating temp, and with my jeep they say to have it in neutral. I was told if pink tint that could mean water in the system, but check to see if that is what the brand should look like.

    Also what type of transmission is in your jeep.
  • Trans type I think is a 545RFE - Quadra Trac II 4x4 system

    From reading around, about the trouble codes, it seems the likely culprit is a bad solenoid and/or shifting sensors. I'm just trying to rule out a complete overhaul of the tranny.

    What do you think here?
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    At 33,500 miles, I wouldn't say it's a bad transmission. Solenoids are one of the weakest links in it. My AW4 transmission had two problems with it over a span of two years, and both were due to bad solenoids. One solenoid that came included in a kit of three, went bad within a month after I installed it.

    Pull the pan and do an ohm's test on each solenoid. They are very fussy and don't have to be off by much to be bad. On my AW4 the test range was 11 to 15 ohms. The bad one tested out at 15.16 ohms! Also, if you buy any, scour the web for them, as the dealers want an exorbitant price. I bought my kit of three for less than the price of one at the Chrysler dealer.

    Googleing one of your codes, I came across this page link title and found it interesting. Good luck!
  • I would get the specs for the sensors and soleniods and check if they a faulty. Then go from there. Good luck
  • h20s8h20s8 Posts: 2
    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Clunks real loud when shifting to reverse, winds up in drive, this is upon startup when cold, seems to lesson as it warms up,
    fluid is clean and up, does not smell burnt?? could this be a sensor? :confuse:
  • If it's electronic I would think maybe a soleniod engaging would cause the clunk, but i'm not sure :confuse: How many miles are on it and what model of transmission? And have you changed the fluild and filter since you have had it?

    My mothers car wouldn't move one day, because the fluid was never changed. We changed it with some lucas, and it stated moving and ever since has smashed into second???
  • I just had my 1996 jeep grand Cherokee laredo tranny rebuilt and I was told that the shifting problem was causing by an oring groove that was machined wrong and that the wrong size oring was used in this groove. It was written in the rebuild manual .
  • Im having transmission problem. will not shift into gears. 2nd & 3rd the rpm goes to 3000 and the car will only go 25mph no more without the rpm going up what could be the problem? is this going to be a costly thing? im reading that there is a lot of jeeps with same problem. why is there no recall for this, does anyone know? please help me?
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    What transmission do you have? Is the fluid level where it's supposed to be? Have you checked for "trouble codes"? One of the first things I would check is the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Mine had the same symptoms where I thought the tranny was shot, and it turned out to be the electrical plug that plugs into the TPS. The plug gave the same symptoms as a faulty TPS because it disconnected it from the rest of the vehicle. I think my case was rare, but in yours I would start with the TPS itself.

    Other things to check are the Kickdown cable adjustment and Speed sensor.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    My 97 jeep grand cherokee shop manual lists these external components. They appear to be accessible without pulling the trans.

    1. Governor pressure solenoid valve
    2. Governor pressure sensor
    3. Transmission fluid temperature thermistor
    4. Transmission speed sensor
    5. Throttle position sensor.

    Check fluid level HOT!. If fluid is low many different symptoms are possible. A Chrysler shop manual would be very helpful.

    One more thing. If you've never changed the filter, do that and put some fresh fluid in it. See the Haynes manual.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    again have you changed your trans oil? the jeep manual tells you to change oil in trans t 30000 miles most people dont do that and get 100000 miles on the trans and then wonder why there trans dosent work any more

    change the oil USE THE OIL THAT YOUR TRANS CALLS FOR non other as will create problems change filters see if fixes problem
  • my jeep has a v8 transmission. how do you check for trouble codes? you said something about electrical plug that plugs into the tbs, could this have come unplug when i had a oil change done? because my car started acting up right after the oil change, the other thing is my friend added transmission fluid a few weeks ago he said he put in the transmission fluid type that it calls for on my dipstick,but someone eles said that you should not go by that because its wrong and said to use atf+4 fluid do you know anything about this? please get back to me if possible i really don't know what to do? you gave me some good advice and im really greatful for that i'm going to write them down for the mechanic to check. is there anything i can do on my own before going to the mechanic, please let me know thank you for your help!
  • think god you or no one got hurt! your right that could of cause accident! and i think more of us should complain and the more complaints they will fix this and the other problems going on with the jeeps!!!
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    At my local Autozone parts store they will scan a vehicle for trouble codes for free. I'm not sure about other parts stores. Your mechanic can also do that, although he might charge you. If you Google it on the web, you will find on some Jeeps you can get the codes by cycling the ignition key "on then off" three times, then on the third (or fourth) time leave it on to read the flashing odometer numbers.

    In the case of my experience with the electrical plug on the TPS, I think that was a rare event (in my case), so at this stage in your analysis I wouldn't suspect that. What I meant for you to check is your TPS to make sure it is okay. That will give you those same type of symptoms you're having and is not hard for someone familiar with them to check out.

    As far as your ATF fluid type, in my opinion your best bet is to call the dealer and ask them. I too have heard and seen conflicting reports of using a different fluid, but it's not for all Jeeps. There are some Chrysler service bulletins on that too.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    For <$100 you can buy a trouble code reader that can also turn off your check engine light. My jeep is a 97 and my diagnostic connector is below the steering wheel mounted on a lower panel. Or Autozone or somebody like them will extract the codes for free.

    Try reviewing the Haynes manual. Some early JGCs have a way to get the codes by making lights blink on the dashboard.

    If you buy a reader make sure your jeep and OBD reader are compatible. Whoever sells it to you should be able to help you verify this.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    if your trans a type of filter that has to have the o ring seal installed first then the filter they could have not installed the o ring right then have a leak on the pickup that will cause all sorts of problems
  • Hi, I am having the same problem with my Jeep. I was wondering if you have found anything useful out about this problem. I don't want to have to put another transmission in it but as of right now, I am clueless on what to do. If you find anything out that may be of use. Please pass me some information along. Therefore, I can share it with my mechanic and see what he says.
  • nnealnneal Posts: 72
    To test your TPS (throttle position sensor) you need a service manual for your vehicle which will show where to place your voltmeter probes to test if it is receiving a supply voltage and also how to do an ohm's test on it. Some scanners can check what percentage the TPS is showing the throttle is open, and if that is erratic, will show it to be bad also. My AutoXray scanner is capable of doing this.

    I'm not sure if a parts store can do this or how much a mechanic might charge you. It's not a complicated test if you have the manual to show where to place the test probes and what reading to be looking for.
  • does any one know how much it cost to fix a governer in 96 jeep cherokee? im hoping this is the problem.
  • I actually just had a mechanic today tell me that it would cost it would cost me just under $500 to get that replaced. :(
  • The automatic transmission won't shift to 2nd gear when the weather is cold. I had the fluid changed and that was no help at all. When I went back to the service station they checked the fluid and told me it was foamy. Is there a fix for this or do I need a new transmission? It is a 96 with 150000 miles.
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