Replacement and programming keyless entry door pad module

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I just wanted to add this here since I was in need of specific advice and could not find anything here or other forums.
My keyless entry door pad module for my 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis stopped working and I found a new OEM Pad for it from 1A Auto. I had to remove the door panel which you can find tons of videos on how to do that then I needed to reach up and pull the metal tab to my right. This hold the module secure to the door. It’s hard to see but it will be on the right side or the end with the 1/2 button is. Once that is removed go to the outside and slip it out and unplug the pigtail. If you purchased a brand new Ford module you just need to plug it in, slide it back into the door, slide the clip back in to secure the module to the door and reinstall the door panel. Your old master code and personal code(s) will work. It did for me. Unfortunately there was no information I could find to tell me this. I can confirm that for my vehicle the master code IS NOT printed on the module itself. I have my master code card still which I eventually found with some digging through old paperwork and out of desperation I tried the code with the new module and it worked. I then tried my personal code I picked and programmed when I purchased the car new and it also worked. So long story short this is a plug and play situation. I hope this helps others out there looking for this valuable information that seems to be found nowhere. If you buy a used one off eBay or elsewhere I suggest you specifically ask the seller if the master code is included with the module!!! Since I have no experience with this type of situation I cannot say if the used module will need its original master code or if your car’s codes will work. If I had to guess I would think your cars codes would work since all that information is stored in the ecm or brain of the vehicle. If anyone out there has ever purchased a used module and gotten it to work in their vehicle I ask that you post a comment in this discussion to help others that may need to know. I’m no professional but my husband and myself try to do any repairs we can ourselves. It saves quite a bit of $$. A new module cost me $124.00 shipped in 2021.

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