Horrible gas mileage 2010 Equinox

ChinchillafuzzyChinchillafuzzy Member Posts: 1
edited May 2021 in Chevrolet

Hi all! We just purchased a 2010 Chevy Equinox 4 cyl awd. We have always driven smaller Mazda’s and Toyota’s. So we are shocked that this vehicle is getting only 15 mpg! We are driving mostly in town without the A/C or heat on. The air pressure in tires is good, air filter is good, oil says it isn’t due for a change. I am floored by the low mileage - I just see the needle moving down every single time I drive it. The car computer says I should get 300 miles out of a tank and we are getting 250 max. We are very careful and cautious drivers, never putting pedal to the metal. Any idea what to do? It makes me sick because we paid so much for this car due to major vehicle shortages right now, and now we will be paying a fortune for the gas :(

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