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Chevy TrailBlazer Keyless System

timmyjoetimmyjoe Member Posts: 1
I have a 2005 trailblazer that the keyless system keeps failing. Of course it works when I take it into the dealer. However, when it fails, I cannot open up the back hatch, nor with the rear wiper work. The dealer keeps telling us there is nothing wrong, but it keeps happening. I am at wits end. Any suggestions? e-mail me with help cencoastsurfer@yahoo.com


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Welcome aboard, jimmyjoe!

    Any suggestions? e-mail me

    It's best to keep the discussion here so that everyone can benefit from any solutions offered.

    tidester, host
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    natd7677natd7677 Member Posts: 1
    2002 Chevy Trailblazer here. I have the same problem, keyless remote not activating. I think it is most likely a fuse, but am afraid to explore it, much too complicated for someone average like me. I "think" the keyless fusebox is under the rear passenger seat, when my mind gets around to it, I will try to look at it. Anyone else who is successful at it, email me at natd767@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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    gabe87gabe87 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with mine also. I tried to look at the fuses underneath the back seat but i really didn't find anything. The other day i noticed another fuse box underneath the hood. I haven't had a chance to look in there yet but I'm wondering if the bad fuse is in there. This had happened to me twice. The time before it happened for a few months and then all of a sudden it started working again. Then once again it cut back out. My dad said it might be a loose wire, but i don't know. If anyone figures it out, let me know.
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    tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    There have been some problems with the wiring harness from from the top of the liftgate into the roof where it flexes and bends every time the liftgate is opened and closed. The ground wire breaks which will disable the RKE (the module is in the liftgate) with the wiper, and the power lock mechanism. The license plate lights will be dead too when that ground is open. Everything electrical in the liftgate shares a common ground.
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    kabakkabak Member Posts: 7
    I had this problem too

    I repaired like this for .10 $
    Look at the backdoor
    inside you have a motor ( black )with a little white arm
    at the end of this arm, a part like a black pill
    slide out of his case, this is why the keyless fail.

    I did a little hole
    and place an aluminium plate over this black part
    to keep it in
    buy a bold size 2 or 3
    with a lock nut

    excuse my poor english

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    tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    Interesting. Good illustation btw...

    So that arm comes out of the motor where it should nomally be connected, and then won't unlock the latch mechanism? That arm goes over to the latch that's operated by the outside handle?
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    kabakkabak Member Posts: 7
    That arm goes over to the latch that's operated by the outside handle?

    all this system goes with outside handle
    it's there to move some pins to stop the handle
    and windows's button to move !

    now !

    if you look inside the car ( lift the backdoor )
    remove the little round plastic cover at the bottom
    of the backdoor

    you will see the white part of the motor
    ( electric connexions )



    at the right end of the white arm you have this little black piece how is pushing to do rotate (x - y axe )a grey part
    usualy it stay well, but sometime the white arm
    can't because the black piece slide so easily.

    to repair

    remove a bolt under the belt how close the door
    remove the inside cover of the backdoor

    and 4 bolts under the door as shown in first image


    do a little hole .... red ......in the yellow part

    you have the place to do a hole whitout touching at the arm

    do a aluminium plate..........green
    with same holes
    buy a little bolt ( sz 2 or 3 ) with lock nut

    and install like before the last image

    excuse my english

    and I hope you will understand

    but the garage asked me 400.oo$ to repair the keyless system

    with perseverance it's costed me a bolt and nut
    and free time
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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    That's very nice! Did you create the graphics yourself? I'm impressed.

    Consider writing up a Guide

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    kabakkabak Member Posts: 7
    Did you create the graphics yourself ?

    yes, It's easy when you know a bit ' Sketchup '

    soft for make 3d drawing

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    saeedkhansaeedkhan Member Posts: 1
    Hi there, Just bought a 2006 T/B LT Extended 4.2 Engine. Still exploring it.
    Have 3 questions:
    1- When I engage the Cruise control, it works fine but NO LIGHT on the panel appears that can tell me it is engaged. The cruise works but the status light is not there. Is it common?

    2- I heard of Stabilitrack system. Not sure where is the button to disengage it. Please help.
    3- My TB doesnt have a DIC (Driver Info Centre). Means doesnt have the buttons on steering wheel. I heard I can adjust some parameters (Auto Headlamps Off time etc.) Can someone advise me how can I make this customization without having DIC in my TB? Can I do it with a computer or a diagnostic tool?
    4- I dont know what is my Gear Ratio to let me find out what load I can tow. Can someone help me how can I find it?
    5- I got only One key with the car. Can I simply duplicate it? does it have any chip inside?

    By the way, I drove it first time today and got a good gas mileage. Made a 424km trip in 43 Litres.
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    rbwrightrbwright Member Posts: 1
    The remote on my 2003 TBlazer will not function and I am unable to manually unlock the door to enter the vehicle. This has happened before but eventually started working again. Is there something in the security/remote system that will disengage the door lock mechanism? This is very strange.
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