Nissan Pathfinder SecurityPlus Warranty Problems

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I have an '02 Pathfinder for which I purchased he Security Plus Gold Preferred extended warranty.

The vehicle has 57,000 miles and the dealer just diagnosed it with exhaust tubes which are cracking at the seams. The dealer has informed me that this is not covered by the original manufacturers warranty nor the extended warranty. They want a hefty $1400 to replace the exhaust tubes.

The dealer has acknowledged that there is no evidence of corrosion, impact, abrasion, or any other issue which could cause this. This leaves either a defect in materials or process from the factory.

Does anyone have any experience getting Nissan to address a warranty issue like this? So far I am getting the "official policy" lines from the Nissan Customer Service rep and the Service Manager at the dealership.

If Nissan does not make this right, it will be my last Nissan purchase.

Thanks for any help!


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    something doesnt sound right. carefully read your service contract. those are written as what is not covered. if it isn't mentioned, its covered. check again. rr70
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    Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same issue.
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    there should be a repair kit for it. I had an exhaust leak and it was found to be a defective part but not enough for Nissan to recall so they made a kit that cost me $150 plus labor and the testing they had to do to find it.
    I have 70,000 miles(mostly freeway) and just the other day the engine started making a knocking noise. The dealer doesn't know for sure what it is but that it is major repair. I have always kept up with the oil changes since I purchased it new. Have you heard of anything like this happening?
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    I never got it resolved and am finally going to have it fixed at my expense at a local exhaust shop. I took a look at the leak and it appears the leak is really only the one resonator under the drivers seat. I am selling the Pathfinder and moving back to Toyota. Nissan has cut their quality since the late 90s and their lack of accountability to this problem lost this customer.
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    Checkout the discussion over at:

    or google "nissan pathfinder split exhaust tubes".

    There are numerous people with this same problem and Nissan has told them all to go soak even though the EPA says they should fix it under the federal catalytic converter warranty. It is unfortunate that the company has degraded to this level in the last 10 years. :lemon:
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    I have run into this very same problem. Last Dec when bringing my car in for a free checkup the Nissan dealership told me about this problem. After dealing with Nissan directly and getting nowhere's I told them I'm sure this would be a recall one day. I mentioned also buying a Toyota. Your article was something I could've written myself and I'm sure there are others out there. What if anything has been done or did you buy a Toyota!

    Thanks for any answers to this problem!

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