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failing CVT transmission

fiatism124fiatism124 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2023 in Honda
my Accord performed well until I approached 90,630 miles. while driving a shutter developed on
starting at stop up to fourth mph. Ok after that speed. Within one hour this got much worse, so
next opportunity drove it very carefully to Honda dealer. I made it to front of dealer, car just stalled
and quit, cvt totally trashed no forward in any shifter position! Had to push it in shop! Dealer later
diagnosed trans as internal belt broken! I later discovered my “Warranty Forever” coverage was a
scam, I was told my oil changes were not call in on time, so they had cancel coverage as of yesterday
without notifying me!! Do not get this useless company NWAN Inc. This was my first claim and they
just find a loophole to not help you plus cancel you. It’s free when you buy your Honda (a marketing
incentive) You think you have a warranty but you have a useless toilet paper booklet!! I will trade my useless Honda for a Toyota asap.
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