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Am I the only one with a love/hate relationship
with the 2001 Frontier? Specifically this: LOVE
the SE with the body-colored grill and fender
flares. HATE the XE with the matte black ones.
I've tried to keep an open mind -- truck redesigns
take me a while to get used to, with the previous
hate relationship being the last Fjord Ranger. I'm
still not wild about the Ranger, but I did
consider buying one earlier this year, when I ended
up buying a 2000 Frontier Desert Runner XE. I
wanted a very basic truck for light off-roading,
and got it in a very lightly loaded Desert Runner
XE. Just the basic truck and the Value Truck
Package, that's all, thanks. It was significantly
cheaper than what I would've wanted in a Ranger (or
Tacoma PreRunner), and very comparable reliability
and performance to the Ranger. After seeing the
2001 XE's, I'm very glad I got my truck. If I was
in the market now, I'd be trying like heck to find
a leftover 2000 XE, or I'd have to scrimp and save
till I could splurge on an SE. My opinion is the
2001 XE's, with that matte black front-end, are so
hideously butt-ugly that no self-respecting person
should even consider driving one. Maybe it's a
ploy by Nissan to get people to pop the extra $$
for the SE??? The only real difference on my 2000
is in the black fender flares, which don't look too
bad. The 2001 XE grill just completely KILLS that


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    "good looking" and "truck" don't belong in the same paragraph.
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    What they really need to do is offer the XE-V6 with the body colored grille, but keep the dark fender flares. I have an SE DR on order (mentioned in the "Nissan Frontier Desert Runner" topic), and I wish that the fender flares could have been that dark color, but like you I HATE that grille on the XE-V6. My fender flares eventually will chip and look like junk, but hopefully that will not happen very quickly.

    I think Nissan is really pushing the SE in other ways now as well, biggest of which being that you can't combine the only two big option packages on the XE-V6 anymore, so if you want cruise control AND power options, you're out of luck, unless you cough up the extra $1K or so to buy an SE. They let the 4x2 regular and XE King Cab owners opt for the $200 body color package to get body color fender flares and grille but not on the XE-V6 DR. The only color combination that actually is somewhat pleasing to the eye with the grey trim is the new Khaki color, and surprise, that is the only trim you can get it in.

    Someday Nissan will smarten up.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am going to be purchasing a new frontier 2001 in
    the next month. I will probably go cheap and get
    the 4x2 xe 4-cyl. I want to raise the ground
    height of the vehicle by only changing the rims.
    I can get SuperC rims for a good price. I also want to install some fog lights. Here are my

    1. What is the difference in suspension between
    the SuperC and the xe? (springs, shocks, etc)

    2. If I change just the rim, will I have to change
    anything else? (cambercorrection, springs,
    shocks, etc)

    3. What are good fog light brands to get for the
    frontier? I want to utilize the round holes that
    are already there, any suggestions on where I can
    buy & what price to expect?

    4. What are the best xenon ultra white bulbs to
    get for the frontier?

    Thank you for reading this long post, happy
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    I assume you'll also be putting on some bigger tires. One thing you'll have to also consider is recalibrating the speedometer since you'll now be going faster than what the speedo is indicating.
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    To help answer a few of your questions:

    1. The difference in suspension between the 4 cyl XE and the S/C is not really radical, but modifying the truck to sit up like the S/C models can get expensive. The S/C, Desert Runner, and Crew Cab models all sit on the 4x4 chassis, which mounts the front and rear suspension lower on the frame to give more ride height and to make room for the larger size of the V-6 and the 4x4 hardware. The track width (distance between the centerlines of the wheels) is also larger. The S/C models differ in that the ride height was dropped 10mm to improve handling (and to make those tires not look so little in the wheelwells, IMO). The only company I know of that makes a suspension lift for the 4cyl. Frontiers is Fabtech ( For pricing I found a figure of about $750 at . Basically it consists of higher rate torsion bars and new upper control arms and ball joints, and you pick how to lift the back (blocks or springs, the latter is better and safer). Combine this with new tires and it will definitely sit higher, right about the same height as the others.

    2. I do not know what the difference in offset or backspacing for the rims in question, but they are most likely not the same and something would have to be done to it. If the S/C rims are very different than it may be detrimental to the wheel bearings over the life of the vehicle and could cause premature failure. The S/C rims will most likely have less negative offset with the same backspacing which will make the outside of the rims farther away from the truck. I don't think they will stick out from the fenders but it will bring them closer to the edge. You will also have to make sure the tires do not rub under full lock steering or under extreme suspension articulation.

    3. Nissan does offer up a set of fog lights for the 4cyl. If you want the OEM look and feel they are the way to go. Try to add them into negotiations when you buy your truck, so you can save money on them and have them installed before you ever take delivery. offers them for $190. That sounds kind of high (to me) for a set of foglights, but they had the best price I could find for the Frontier seat covers I ordered from them a while back.

    4. I have no idea.

    In relation to the other reply, your speedo will not be too far off since the difference in tire size is 1" from the 225/70R15 to the 265/55R17 as what is OEM on the SC, assuming you buy the same 17" tire.

    If you are lucky then you will not have to tweak the suspension at all, but if you do, to do this all right, even if you have a stupid good price on those rims, will cost you well over $1000, and that is if you do the suspension lift yourself. If not, much much more for labor. I myself had considered buying a Frontier King Cab and lifting it but I wanted a V6 so I purchased a Desert Runner and saved myself all the trouble.

    Have fun and enjoy whatever you get.
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    If you're having problems with your Nissan Frontier, or have insights for those with problems, please visit our Nissan Frontier problems discussion. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
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    I purchased my 01 CC Frontier before the SC version came out. There were also some aspects of the SC model I didn't care for namely cosmetics and 17" wheels. That being said, I still want the supercharger and I'm wodering if anyone has heard of plans to offer the kit like TRD does? Thanks for your help
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    I'm looking into getting the 2001 well is it off the road?
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    Anyone have any idea what 4 cyl will be in the 2002 frontier? Nissan is introducing a new 2.5
    4-cyl this summer in the new sentra se-r...that is eventually replacing both the 2.0 and 2.4 4-cylinder motors. Any idea about this???
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    I just bought my Frontier Crew Cab XE V-6 and I love it. Quiet riding, good mileage and extra room for the kids in the back seat. I looked at Rangers, Dakotas and Tacomas and found the absolute best value for the money to be the Frontier. And it didn't hurt any that my wife happened to like the grille and fender finish that some have objected to.
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    I am considering purchasing a Nissan Frontier. The question is 4x4 or 4x2? I will be living in Utah or Colorado as of next year. My usage will be rutted roads,and the usual snowstorm. 4x4 is the rage, but is it worth saving money going with the desert runner 4X2 with high clearance and snow tires? Thanks.
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    For ME, the whole point of having a pickup was for the truck to WORK. Carrying loads, getting me where I need to get to, etc... and with the winter weather that meant 4x4.

    I know people that are OK with their 4x2, but I also know some who did the 4x2 and swear they will never go that route again!

    PF Flyer
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    I don't know how it will do on the ice, but I have a 98 4cylinder king cab 5speed, and I have taken it through two track roads, loose dry sand at the beach, mud, small streams and alot of other places I really thought twice about before going through, I haven't even come close to getting it stuck, and I don't have the ground clearance of the desert runner, I would say with the limited slip on the DR, you should be able to get through just about anything, but if you can swing the 4x4 I would get it, you may only need it once or twice, but it beats a tow.
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    I was very pissed off to realize after buying my 2000 Desert Runner that it's not anything CLOSE to a 4x4 minus the tranny and front drive shaft. After all, the marketing does tend to lead one (at least myself) to believing that. Shame on me for not checking things out better before buying but OTOH, I bought the thing as a 2nd vehicle and couldn't afford full 4x4 in an extended cab.

    Anyway, for the subject at hand: does anyone know of any good suspension kits for changing the leaf springs to sit above the axle like the 4x4's, instead of below it?
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    Far and wide, the most crucial factor of a trucks ability to get stuck or unstuck off road is directly proportionate to the driver's ability to get stuck or unstuck. There are plenty of people who live in mountainous or harsh climates who manage just fine with a 2WD. That's because they know what they are doing! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of seasoned drivers who swear by 4X4s but for the most part, 4X2s will do just fine as long as you use your head more than the gas and clutch!
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    Does anyone know if you can safely put child safety seats in the back jump seats in a King Cab Nissan Frontier?
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