Transmission issue

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So, I just bought a 2012 Jeep Liberty from CarMax in Roseville, CA with 99,950K miles on it. It was fine for a few days, but then in the second week that I had it, when I started it up in the morning, it made a funky squeaky noise when I put it in reverse. This happened the next 5 days in a row and only in the morning. So I took it to a local shop to get a dialogistic test done on it. I was told the fluid was "brown & dirty." So, I contacted CarMax and reported the issue. I took it back to them, they had AMMACO service it, but only after I insisted on it. You see, their mechanics reported that the fluid was RED and that they we unable to re-create the issues that I reported. So I get the vehicle back and all is good, right, WRONG! I decided to do the rolling "test" again to see if it was still doing it. The first test was good, it didn't roll backwards, but today, just one week later I did the "test" again and it rolled backwards just as easily as it did before. Is this normal? Should CarMax replace the transmission? What course of action can I take? I had a 30 day RETURN window, which has obviously passed, however, I reported the issue with the transmission on the 20th day of the 30 days; they didn't couldn't get it in for "service" until after the 30 days. They won't put me in another car, I asked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My name is Nancy and my email is (impermissible content removed) Thank you, thank you very much!


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    the sound will go away if you depress the brake maybe you are reversing slowly
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