Smog failure problems 2000 Altima

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I have a 2000 Altima GXE that has failed the smog test for NOx. I also have a problem with the OBD not responding to some of the items. I have been getting the runaround in terms of how to fix this. The repair manager at a local Nissan says it's probably the wiring and they can check it out with a simple diagnostic. Now the mechanic there is driving it around trying to trip the OBD to get a reading and they're saying I will probably have to replace the ECM. I've also been told I have to replace the catalytic converter. We're looking at over $2k here for a used car. Any suggestions or recommendations will be welcome. I had this problem 2 years ago and they replaced the intake manifold gasket for over $600, and I had the same OBD problem.


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    If your "new" used car has fewer than 80,000 miles clocked, your dealership's service writer's fulla khrapp! The following parts are mandated under the Federal Emissions Warranty to be replaced by the automaker during the first 8 yrs or 80,000 miles (whichever comes first) without charge to the current owner of the vehicle:

    Catalytic Converters
    Engine Control Modules (ECMs)
    Onboard Emissions Diagnostic Devices (OBD/OBD-II)

    Since this is a Federally mandated warranty, your particular state of residence is immaterial.
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    I wish I'd known that sooner! My car now has 90011 miles on it, so I'm out of luck. I thought a Nissan would be very reliable and I wouldn't have the GM used-car/old car woes.

    Thank you for your help.
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    So if i understand u right that is for all makes and models.
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    So if i understand you right that goes for all makes and models.
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