Hyundai Entourage: Oil Change Instructions

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I would like step-by-step instructions for changing the oil and filter in the entourage. It has a cartridge filter, which I have no experience with and does the drain plug gasket have to be changed every time it is removed?


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    This might help. It includes a picture of the new filter. Yes there is a crush washer/gasket for the drain plug as well.
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    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the help. Paskie
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    Where is the gas line filter located for the Hyundai Entourage? Can it be change easily?

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    The instructions were fantastic, I might add, after changing oil I found that ordering a new cap assembly where the filter mounts, that it would be alot easier to have a filter ready to go in. I ordered a new cap assemby( comes in three parts ordered individually) I bought the three parts for 17 dollars and change, does make it easier
    for subsequent oil changes. Partsas listed on bill

    Part No Description Price
    * 26351-3C100CAP $ 6.55
    125B2 26360-3C100Valve assy $ 5.46
    116H 26352-3C100CORE $4.96

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    where is the instructions to the oil change?

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    where are the instructions
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    Read #3 by afob
    click on the firsr word ---- This ---- (it's green)
    that will take you to a great instruction on how to change the oil
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