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Chevrolet Corvette Maintenance and Repair

spider15spider15 Member Posts: 1
As a new 2007 corvette owner, does anyone have advice for purchasing a great indoor/outdoor car cover?


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    vettevervettever Member Posts: 20
    I got one at Ecklers.com for about $150. They have many to chose from but this one offered very good outdoor protection and has served me well.
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    shoughunshoughun Member Posts: 4
    Of all the things in life that we must guard against, grit, dust, heat and other external forces may not seem all that menacing as opposed to subway muggers, real estate swindlers and lethal strains of the Ebola virus but they do manage to inflict more than a bit of damage just the same, in their own seemingly unprepossessing way. Constant exposure to these elements can turn your car paint job into a hobo wreck in just under a few months. In addition, they can also accelerate the decline of your other car parts. These troubles, though, can be avoided by the addition of a car cover into your list of handy auto items to keep in the garage. A car cover acts in much the same way as a Reynolds plastic does: as a protective layer for whatever item is inside. So if you want to avoid constant paint jobs in the future. After all, the best kind of prevention is preparation. My friend purchase his Volkswagen car cover on line for a really reasonable price and I've heard that he was satisfied with its performance. Though i forgot wat site he bought it. Gonna ask him this coming weekend.. I'l keep you posted...
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    toydrivertoydriver Member Posts: 227
    What's the best all around cover ( outside and inside protection ) for my new '07 C6 coupe/targa top.
    Store it in the garage in winter, but it needs enough substance to ward off "garage" dings.

    Are the Chevrolet dealer covers good or should I buy one through AutoAnything.com ??
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    fightonfighton Member Posts: 2
    This promises to be the best answer - a revolutionary new car cover - www.touchlesscarcover.com - Jay Leno was up in Pebble Beach talking to the inventor or someone associated with the company - perhaps he is an investor - I don't know.
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    cruisinloucruisinlou Member Posts: 27
    Since I live in a snow belt I might have to put my '03 'Vette in hibernation for the months of Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar, without being around the car for all of those months, I placed a battery tender to the battery, placed the wheels up on wood blocks, covered it with a custom cover and placed mothball sheets all around and inside the car to keep away critters also I locked the steering wheel to the clutch pedal using a device created for this
    Is there a danger of the oil or other lubricants setting up after storing this long?
    This is my first Corvette and the first Hibernation.
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    bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    I live in Okla, so I don't have to do this.

    You are doing more that what I read most people in the north do. Most just put a battery maintainer on it and let it set. There probably is no real need to jack it up off the tires. There is a liquid, Stabl, or something like that, that can be added to gasoline to help 'stablize' it for periods of time. I think it's mostly some alcohol. You might look for a can of this and pour into the tank. Might start the motor and run for a minute after adding, so the mix gets into the fuel lines.

    It this an attached garage? So it will not drop to extreme temps inside?

    Can 'varments' get to the car? If so, I would try to do more than mothballs. As a matter of fact, I don't think they will keep a mouse away. If there is some possibility of mouse, I would put baited traps all around the car and keep them 'freshly baited' in at attempt to intercept the mouse before he got to the car. And also put Decon or other mouse bait around it. You want to keep them from chewing on the wires or getting inside.

    Of course, there is available for puchase an inflatable 'bubble' that you can drive the car into, zip it up, and I think a small compressor runs to keep the plastic blown up and off the surface of the car. Maybe heats is also.....

    Unless the temp is extermely low, like zero or less, the fluids are going to be ok when you start the car. If it is actually going to get to these temps, you might consider pulling the battery out and moving it inside to room temps. But over 3 months, you are going to still need to charge a battery every few weeks. And watch for fumes if you actually have it inside your house.
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    cruisinloucruisinlou Member Posts: 27
    bolivar, Thanks for your input and to answer your question about attached garage, yes I do have a attached garage that keeps temps inside about 15 degrees warmer than outside temps,unfortunately mice are always looking for a winter place to live and to keep from becoming a meal for cats and others.
    I had a 1989 Mustang Gt once that had a mouse nest under the car near the exhaust manifold that was discovered by a oil change technician.
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    fstein1fstein1 Member Posts: 1
    My 05 has 65k on it and suddenly when I turn it off and shift into reverse the warning message tells me to shift into reverse , which it is in. This drained the battery and now I cannot charge the battery and get it to start. i assume the issue is with some kind of sensor that thinks it is not in reverse? Do I need to buy a new battery as well as find the issue with the sensor?
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    ndmike88ndmike88 Member Posts: 155
    Sounds like it's new battery time. They do crazy things when they are running low.
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