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dies once warmed up

ShyfoxShyfox Member Posts: 1
edited May 2021 in Dodge
My 1997 Dodge B3500 with the 5.2 starts and runs great cold and has run great for years but one day about a week ago once at running temp it dies and it is a real [non-permissible content removed] to get restarted. It spits sputters and belches smoke and stumbles back to running as long as I keep my foot on the gas enough. I can smell gas when it restarts. If and when it idles once warm you put it in gear and it dies instantly. I replaced the usual culprits the TPS, IAC, I swapped relays because online a guy said if the relay is bad the IAC may not work or not work right and his relay swap solved his problem. The parts swapped seem to make it run better cold but once warm it is a real nightmare. I took my van to Advance and scanned it but no codes found Anyone else had this problem?

New dis cap n rotor, wires and plugs. I changed the TPS, ICM, dis magnetic pick up and both 02 sensors. Runs great cold but once it starts to warm up it gets worse until it dies when I take my foot off the gas. I must drive with both feet to keep it running and brake left footed. If I let the RPMs drop a bit too low it dies. Fuel mileage is down. Seems to run great out on the interstate on my short hops of hiway. I don't hear any sucking sounds like a vacuum leak/s. One odd thing from time to time when it acting up at it's worst the oil pressure reads lower than normal. It's always made great oil pressure. It only has 70,000 miles on it and I see them with many more mile than mine.

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