Impreza Head Gasket

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Did anyone have to replace the head gaskett in their subaru impreza RS? I have a 2002 and I just had to replace it.


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    Subaru did offer an extended warranty but only for a certain number of 02s (there were more 99-01s) and only if you agreed to let them use a coolant conditioner.

    Did you ever get that notice?

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    I don't remember the notice but I missed the warranty by a month and a half. I'm dealing with subaru in NJ now who are going to look into it. I just think after 5 years the head gaskett shouldn't be replaced.
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    The problem is not uncommon so push for a free replacement. The dealer should go to bat for you if only to establish good will.

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    I have a 2003 impreza outback sport and the head gasket is leaking antifreeze! I bought the extended warranty for 1200 which covers it to 80,000 miles but the only thing is once you replace one gasket you should replace the other, the water pump and the timing belt. This just happened this week and I'm looking at about $1700 parts and labor. If I brought it to the dealer they would only fix one head gasket to eat up my $1200 bucks. I don't recommend it but you can buy stuff to pour in your radiator that seals leaks. :mad:
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    I did get the head gasket fixed and they replaced teh timing belt as well. I did call the main place in Cherry Hill and they are reimbursing me about $600 for the fix. I didn't think of the water pump. Hopefully I won't have any more problems.
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    head gasket leak?? class action lawsuit
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    Glad to hear they took care of you.

    Why class action? You get lawyers involved and they'll take 40% of the money and he would have to pay $240 out of his pocket.

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    That web site is gone.

    What happened? SOA get to the owners?
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    Yeah, you know the HQ is in Jersey and the VP's name is Soprano or something. ;)

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    Hey now! I had nothing to do with that website going down... I didn't realize tht patti stuck the owner of that site into the back of the Armada while we were there a few weeks ago, and during our run through the Pine Barrens Frankie dug a hole for him.....

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    Well I just had the head gaskets and catylatic converters replaced on my 96 OB. I got it back it misses at hiway speeds at temps above 80 degrees. We have replaced the coil, spark plug wires, injector, ignitor and fuel pump. WE ARE STUMPED.
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    And, it was not doing this before it was taken to the shop? Sounds like the timing might be off on it (which would require 2-3 hours of work to dig back into the timing belt!) - I would take it back to the shop and kindly let them know that there was a "hiccup" with their work. Perhaps they will take responsibility for it and set it straight.
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    I had an overheating issue at 63,000 and the closest maintenance shop said my throttle body needed to be replaced. When I called the dealership, they doubted this was the case so I paid the $ to have it towed to them. Indeed they found that it was the left head gasket leaking and they replaced it under the WWP-99 Engine Coolant Bulletin with only an expense to me for labor. Now, at 88,000 its overheating again. This time, to the amazement of the dealership, it was indeed to leaking of the coolant from the coolant line to the throttle body and from the water pipe under the manifold. So, they had to replace the throttle body, the hose to water pump, and reinstalled the manifold and flushed the system costing me a whopping $1,800! They had never seen corrosion as bad as this - as if that is to reassure me. Any way I can connect the coolant conditioner issue with these other coolant leaks?
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    Hey, I just found this forum today using google. I also have a 2002 impreza. At 75k miles, I had the head gasket problem as well. I had to pay for the repair because subaru, in it's infinite wisdom, did not include my car in the recall. I also have raw fuel smells when in cold weather. The WRX had a recall for this but again my car was excluded. I have been very unhappy with Subaru and will never buy a vehicle from them again. If anyone asks me of my opinion on a Subaru, I will tell them that Subaru does not stand by it's product and issues extremely narrow recalls (possibly to save money?).

    I want them to give me back my money for the head gasket repair and include my vehicle in the cold weather fuel line recall (which btw already took them 7 years to admit on some vehicles and at first they would only pay for it in a handfull of states!).
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