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2003 Chevy Blazer - Did I buy a lemon?

sunshower19sunshower19 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
I purchased a used 2003 Chevy Blazer from a Ford dealer in August. I had it looked over before buying it and it was fine. No major issues. I purchased an extended warranty just to be safe.

Then the problems started...

The first repair was about a month ago - one of the ball joints went bad. That repair was covered on the warranty.

Now it's in the shop for a broken transfer case control module (I have a 4x4).

I've never had any issues with my 1993 S-10 pick-up and that's why I was comfortable buying a Blazer. Are these items normal wear and tear - or did I get myself into a load of repairs??


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    repairdogrepairdog Member Posts: 948
    Scan the posts and there are many things that occur on these usually mileage related. All 4wds had bad lower ball joints and some 4wd problems easily fixable.
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    emtchick83emtchick83 Member Posts: 3
    I noticed this post is a year old, but I felt the need to share. I have an 2003 blazer and loved it up till now. Its sucking my will to live, it appears to be one thing after another and the extended warranty is up in june. I had all ball joints replaced, gas tank censor replaced twice, and my check engine light has gone off twice after disengaging 4 wd, but according to the dealer garage there's nothing wrong with it. Also whole vehicle shakes starting @ 60mph and worsens there after.

    I'm so frustrated with the onslot of issues and treatment by the dealer that I serously doubt I'd ever purchase a chevy product again. Though it does have 73,500 miles on it, I take care of my vehicle as far as oil changes every 3,000 miles, they changed out the transmission fluid this past year, and both oil and air filters are new. So I'm a little concerned to the recent turn of events. Hopefully I can have the issues straightened out as I can't afford a new vehicle anytime soon :*(
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    jneuvillejneuville Member Posts: 2
    I just bought an 03 blazer 4wheel drive and I have the same problems with serious vibrations over 60mph. What did you find out about what caused the vibrations in your vehicle?
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    jneuvillejneuville Member Posts: 2
    I need help. I have a 2003 blazer ZR2 that I bought with 83,000 miles on it. I have replaced ball joints and rotors and pads and bought new tires. does anyone have an idea of what the problem may be? The vibrations seems to consume the whole vehicle--coming from the front.
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    dmurfdmurf Member Posts: 1
    Vibration at 60+ mph is typically due to tire imbalance, tire force variation or tire wheel assembly force variation. Base on the age of these vehicle, I assume the tires have been replaced. Tires that come from the factory have force variation specifications aftermarket tires do not have to meet these same specifications. Tire retailers service garages typically don’t do the best job balancing tire wheel assemblies. Assemblies should be balanced for both static and dynamic balance not just static. Some retailers have balance equipment that can also measure assembly force variation and can minimize the assembly force variation by vectoring the assemblies. You might want to see if you can find a retailer that has the ability to perform this type of analysis.
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    unicorn333unicorn333 Member Posts: 3
    I Feel your pain. I have a 2000 4x4 and I bought it when it had 18,000 miles. It now has 280,000 miles. I have had the same problem with ball joints and wheel bearing assemblys. I have since learned some things about these SUVs.
    #1. They have built these with small truck parts on the front and that's why they eat ball joints and bearings
    #2. The shocks need to be a heavier duty shock then what was originally installed on the vehical. Replace the shocks soon.
    #3.Replace all your front end parts with "Moog"auto parts. They really make a difference and have a lifetime warranty if you ever have to replace one.

    These Small trucks also have a part in the trans that is weak and has since been updated that may go on you,. Forgive me I forgot what the name of the part is!
    Other problem is the fuel pump is on top of the gas tank and is hard to replace. Make sure you change the fuel filter often to avoid having to replace the pump too soon!!!

    On the positive, The Vortex V6 in these run great and are powerful as you can see with how many miles I have on mine. Also the paint and body is great on these. Mine still looks new and I have had many deer bounce off the thing at night and barely have a dent.
    I hope you have as good a luck as I have had with mine.
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    skiextreme2skiextreme2 Member Posts: 30
    Does anyone know of a Chevy or aftermarket gas tank that is 20 gallons instead of the 15 gallon tanks that came with the gas guzzling vehicle?

    How about an external spare tire carrier?
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