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My Yukon Denali 6.0 over heated all the sudden and then died and wouldn’t restart? Help!??

FojoFojo Member Posts: 2
edited June 2021 in GMC

I have a 2001 Yukon Denali and it has had zero issues since I bought it 6 months ago . It has so many brand new parts already like new transmission , new radiator and hoses , new 350 amp alternator pushing two odyssey batteries ($900 just for the batteries) , everything in the engine is wired with 0 gauge oxygen free copper wire. , AC blows ice cold . It was a super hot day yesterday like 100 degrees and I had some errands to run after picking my sons up from school so I stopped at a store to buy him and his friend some cold drinks and then went to the post office where I let the car run for about 20 minutes with the AC going full blast while I handled my business the boys waited in the Denali . I pulled out and noticed the AC all the sudden wasn’t blowing cold , I looked at my gauges and my thermostat jumped so high I have never seen any car go that high like 3/4 to the max line (I don’t know what degree that is but it was like twice as high as normal ) then the car just died as I was driving. I tried to restart it in neutral as I was coasting but it wouldn’t re start . Luckily the power steering worked with just the electricity being on so I was able to coast long enough to get to the closest place that might be able to help which was jiffy lube. They let me pull my car into the shade and all four of them were young and you could tell worked on their own cars so they tried to help figure it out . I was really low on gas which was going to be my next stop. It’s the lowest I have gone since I bought the Denali so maybe sediment got into the fuel filter ? The light wasn’t even on yet though . So the pulled off the front plastic piece to get to the carburetor (I know nothing or very little about working on cars so bare with me) we filled the gas tank with 5 gallons just to be safe . The. Sprayed ether or some kind of spray to get it to start . It fired but didn’t start I had a ton of power because of the two huge batteries so I could attempt to start it all day . Tried again and it fired but wouldn’t start but was turning over perfectly . Very fast and lots of power. So at that point I called a tow truck because we had let it cool down to around 100 degrees and you could tell the engine was cooler . It was so hot when I first opened it it was hard to stay close to the engine . Now I have it at the mechanics shop but I’m worried because if it’s the fuel pump I just don’t have the money right now to fix it !! If that’s even all it is. Also when I took the cap to my radiator fluid fill spit it made a quick hiss like real quick and that’s it. It wasn’t hot at all like it wasn’t being used ??? So then it’s maybe the water pump ? Or thermostat obviously ? I’m freaked out man my Denali was running perfectly and then all the sudden . There were literally no signs . I had driven like 60 miles with the AC on on Tuesday to the town next to mine and back and it ran just fine cranking the AC the whole time . So why would this just happen all the sudden ?

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