Ruined Crankshaft in 2000 4Runner?

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Yesterday on the way to work my battery light came on and stayed on and it looked like my lights were getting dimmer. When I pulled over it felt like my power steering was gone. Thinking the problem was my alternator, when I had a friend take me back to my car later, we charged my battery and he followed me to the shop.

Today the shop called and said that the pully had spun on my crankshaft and ruined the crankshaft. Now they are saying I need a new crankshaft (if I can find someone to do it) or I need a new motor. This vehicle only has 120,00 miles and I have had it since it was new with absolutely no problems. I have kept the maintenance up and I do not drive like a hot rod...Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Thanks.


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    time for a second opinion?

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    Definitely time for a second opinion. Do you think I could get it fixed just enough to trade it in? I guess that would be unethical huh :-)

    Fortunately I ordered a new car in October (BMW 335i) and it is supposed to be here next week....I had planned on keeping the 4Runner but now it looks like I will have to get it fixed and sell it..
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    Do you think I could get it fixed just enough to trade it in? I guess that would be unethical huh

    I don't know how you partially repair a crankshaft but, if you could, then ethics would dictate that you inform the dealer who would be buying it.

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    Did you have any signs or noise coming from the engine compartment? Reason I asked because I have been bringing my 2k 4runner to the dealership and they can not figure out where the sqeaking noise is coming from. First, they told me my drive belts needs to be replaced. So they did. But the noise is still there. Then they founf out I have K & N filter installed, they told me to put the stock filter, so I did. But it's still there. Will bring it to the dealership again.....
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    A couple of days before I had the trouble I started hearing a noise so I raised the hood and the belts were kind of wobbling. I just thought the belt probably needed replacing and I planned to get to the shop eventually.

    As an update, I ended up taking the 4Runner to my local Toyota dealer and they said they had only seen this happen with the crankshaft one other time. They also seemed to think that this problem might have happened because whoever replaced my timing belt several months ago did not get the screws (?) back on as tight as they should be and it worked loose. Long story short, they put another engine in (with 40,000 miles)and it costs me about $2,000. It seems to be running as good as it did before the problem.
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