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Hi all,
I had a quick question, has anyone installed the
hypertech programmer III in their 2000 powerstroke
with an auto trans? If so was it worth the money
and how big of a difference did it make? Any
problems later on, and also did you install a



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    If you start messing with engine performance via the control systems you had best install the pyro too. If you don't mind the pyro readings you're likely to melt the piston tops!
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    Thanks Rich,
    the reason I ask if anyone has actually used this is because the people at hypertech told me that I don't need to install a pyro.? Sound odd doesn't it.
  • rrichf1rrichf1 Member Posts: 47
    The people at Gale Banks told me that they engineer their performance packages to not get hot enough to melt pistons. They also said that a pyro is an absolute necessity with any performance modifications. They said that there are situations that even the manufacturer never thought about that could destroy an engine.

    All this information came about after they advised me not to buy a turbo for my '92 F-250. They said that with the way that I drive and how the truck was used the turbo would not improve my mileage sufficiently to ever break even. They said that I should only install their turbo if I wanted a toy to play in traffic with. (I didn't.) The other interesting comment was that they felt that Ford cheated me out of a pyro. They felt that all diesels should have one, regardless of performance mods.

  • robert1972robert1972 Member Posts: 51
    So where can I buy a pyro for a '00 Ford, I know that TST Products has them for Dodge, and they are easy to install but what about the Ford.

    Wait, I know what you are about to say, a gauge is a gauge, but I need the directions for the Ford because I am not sure exactly where to install the sensor on the Ford like I do on the Dodge.

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    Gale Banks would probably sell you a kit with instructions. There are other places on the net that have them too. Most resellers of power chips offer gauge kits. I think dieselpage.com or drivetrain.com have pyro gauges. It has been a while since I checked into. I rarely have any weight in my truck and almost never tow anything so I've been lax about getting one.
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    I am contemplating a Borla cat-back system for my 2000 Tundra, 4.7L. I was wondering if any other Tundra owners have added such a modification and what sort of performance improvements they did or did not see. Manufacturer's claim more HI and mileage. Sure to be a bit of hype in that claim but how much? Also, are there any gotcha's to adding the cat-back?

    Already added the K&N filter. Seems to add an additional crispness to mid-range acceleration (not that the 4.7L doesn't run like a scalded dog already). Found a great site for Toyota after-market parts. Check out http://www.performanceproducts.com.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Best just be thowin that money on that ground now. Puttin them filters and catbacks and all them doo-dads on aint goin do nothin no how. Them diesel mods be good for sure, but them that hops em up with filters and such is just wastin money for sure. Good luck on this one now!
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    I've got a superchip for the 99 5.4 triton,computer code is wji4 found on inside of passanger door on sticker,also got K&N FIPK for the 99 5.4 with smog certification if anyone's interested you can email me.
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    Well i drove a V8 tundra with the TRD (borla) cat-back and it sounded killer!..it's just the right tone,not to loud.As far as performance increase i'm not sure but i would think it would have to do something for it.
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    I have a 99 Tacoma 2.4L. Anybody know of a supercharger or any other mods available? TRD makes one for the V6 but not the V4. Anybody installed a chip? Good or bad? I have a Downey intake with a K&N filter which added a little low end power - 1st and 2nd gear but no high end. I almost never use 5th gear now because it bogs down pushing larger tires - 31" Any advice would be appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Why? I would think a six would be minimum as performance degradation would go from bad to worse. Does Toyota offer any kind of gearing upgrade?
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    By product name, what are best, most cost-effective aftermkt pwr enhancements for Dodge Dak. 4.7L (4X, A/T, 3.92 diff)? Don't want to endanger warranty or engine life, or have to beef up trans/drive line, or fool around with tubine/s'charger/"boost." Assume something w/ intake/ignition/exhaust, but exactly what product(s)? THANKS!
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    Advanced Turbo Systems, Inc. at http://www.atsturbo.com/atsmodule.html has this computer control module for sale. My friend wants to buy it for his '00 F-150 diesel truck. Has anyone had any experience using this thing? Any warranty issue if you bring your truck to a Ford service center with this kit installed?
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    Check this out.

    There is more information on diesels, maitenance, mods, chips, suspension, gauges, kits, blah, blah, blah.


    Super high quality stuff, IMHO. EXTENSIVE discussions on anything. Check out the "moss-magnussen act" thread for info on how the chips affect warranty claims. (Short answer: forget it, ford will not honor it. BTW, Ford will know if there was a chip and it was removed! They discuss the codes that get set in the computer when a chip was installed...)

    In one thread, a few guys with a dyno in Rohnert Park, CA spent two days testing around 8 different chips sets in ONE F350 PSD just to see which claims were best. As pure a head to head test as you can find. They posted test methodology, curves, etc.

    Start here: http://forums.ford-diesel.com:8080/ubb/Forum17/HTML/004698-2.html

    Be prepared to spend hours...

    (Let this thread know what you think of the link also.)


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