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Acura TL extended warranties

greggrobgreggrob Posts: 16
edited March 2014 in Acura
What are people paying for an extended warranty on 2007 Acura TL w/ Nav?


  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Don't. Self-insure...

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  • Meaning, you don't go through the dealership you go through a private company to extend the warranty to 8yrs/120K? If so, recommendations. The dealership I bought the warranty from comes with a money back guarantee. If I don't use it, I get it back. Does your private company offer that? My 06' was totaled last month and I'm getting that warranty money back.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Copied from the Prices Paid Forum:

    Re: Extended Warranty: Self-insure! Invest your $2250(!!!) in a conservative liquid instrument instead of letting the warranty company do the same. That way, you keep your money to spend however you see fit. If you need it after 4 years (original warranty) for repairs, you've got it + interest. If no repairs required ex. warranty, you still have your money + interest!

    If you can't sleep at night without the extended, be very, very, very, very sure you know exactly what is/is not covered and the background of the company issuing (assuming it is not Honda...).

    But, really, keep your money...

    Even though you are getting your $2250 back after (and sorry to hear about that) the '06 was totalled, that money invested by you would be worth more than $2250 now. Extrapolate that through the 4 years of the original warranty and that sum invested with a return of 5%/year would be worth ~$2750 to be used however you need it during the "extended" warranty period. And, keeping it invested, it would continue to grow.

    I'm not sure that, especially for a highly regarded brand reliability-wise (yeah, yeah, I know pre- '04 trannys... apparently resolved) such as Honda/Acura, that the extended warranty is the best way to invest your money.

    This is what I mean by self-insure. So yes, "my" company offers that in that you are the company and get your money back whenever and for whatever you want!

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • ecnirpecnirp Posts: 20
    I have been looking at extended warranties for my new TL myself. I never owned one nor did I need it during the course of my almost 8 year/120K mile ownership of a Camry.

    I did buy one when we bought my wife's Chrysler minivan and it has more than paid for itself---electrical problems, motors in sliding doors going out, etc.

    So now I'm torn on what to do with the Acura. If there was no navigation, voice commands and other "exotic" features I wouldn't even consider it. I think a lot of people buy one but just don't admit it.

    Anyway, If you do NOT want to self insure - I have been looking at 2 Acura dealerships that sell AcuraCare extended warranties on line - and I haven't bought from either one so I can't give a recommendation. Good Luck.
  • I did look at and saw the specifics and what they offer on the Acura. Will be using that info when I negate a warranty with the dealership. They offer a money back guarantee on the warranty there. We'll see what the diffrence is and I will report my findings.
    I understand the points about self insure. However, that's just one more thing I have to worry about. How do I get my money back from my investments to pay for car repairs.
    During the purchasing of my 06 TL (since been totaled, buying an 07)they were trying to sell me a warranty. During the sale, I got up, went over to the service manager and talked to him about some of the cost of parts on the TL. Asked, what does the screen cost? He said, "The screen alone is 1900.00 to replace. If you're punching that screen as much as it do, during my 75 mile commute one way, I'm getting a extended warranty. Bought an extended warranty on my 2000 Chevy Tahoe and have used every penny of and more. It's still under warranty.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    "How do I get my money back from my investments to pay for car repairs."

    Since you won't need it for four years, put it into cds for whatever duration you're comfy with. Or a money market account. Again, in four years you will have more of YOUR money to do as you please/need...

    It's all about probability. I owned a Chrysler for 5.5 years, never needed out of warranty(3 years) work, nor did my parents for their Chrysler. Many, many years of Japaneese car ownership, no (other than routine) out of warranty expenses that I can recall. But you never know... If it helps you to sleep at night, have at it!

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • I understand your points. I'm asking about waranties not investing money in CD's. Thank you for your information.
  • jkm900jkm900 Posts: 18
    I purchased an 8 yr. 100k extended warranty for my 07 TL for around $1900 once all was said and done. Remember you can bargain for these things just like the price of the car.
  • jkm900,

    I just purchased a TL w/navi couple of weeks ago. I paid $1198 + tax for a 7yr/100k warranty from Zurich Insurance. I called them up and verified they cover the Navi, airbags, heated seats, etc...everthing but what is explicity excluded in the contract which seems to be the standard stuff through all warrantly providers.
    What I'm saying is you have 30 days to cancel so you may want to do some more research and see if you can get a better price. Of course, coverage varies widely so you'd also have to also read the fine print.
  • jkm900jkm900 Posts: 18
    Well being new out of college and using every penny in my savings on a downpayment, I wouldn't have the cash to pay for a separate policy. With the Acura warranty they just wrap it into my payment which I can afford. I work for an insurance company...too bad they don't offer one!
  • dgenxdgenx Posts: 13
    I bought mine through the dealer. Paid 1400 for 7 yrs/120k for a 06'TL w/Nav. This was last July though.
  • jkm900jkm900 Posts: 18
    Nice, I don't think I could have gotten mine down anymore as I tried just an extra $5 per month off and he said it wasn't possible. Oh well, it's done and over with. Thanks for the info though.
  • swgordonswgordon Posts: 13
    I bought a new TL yesterday. I was offered $1053 for the 7yr 100k but I didnt buy it. I've always found extended warranties to be a total waste of money.
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