2006 CR-V makes a grinding sound just as it stops

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I have new brake pads and rotors but now my 2006 CR-V makes a grinding noise when it stops. There is NO NOISE while I'm braking, only literally just after the wheels stop turning. It'll make the same sound when I release my foot from the brake.
It seems to be intermittent. Not as much on flat surfaces once the car heats up -- never on an incline -- always on a down slope.
After a month (so the new brakes HAD to have been broken in by then) I took it back to my mechanic. They discovered they needed to install pads with a different material, which they did at no charge. But the grinding sound still exists. They don't know what it is. I thought it might be tires, which I know I'm going to have to replace in another 6 months or so, but the sound doesn't happen until the wheels have literally stopped moving.


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    A groan, or otherwise known as a "slip/stick" type of noise at very low speeds while annoying is usually not an indication of a problem. Noises like this can be caused by contamination of the pads/rotors from greases or even products like tire shine or wheel cleaners but they usually have a peak that starts soon after the contamination occurs and then diminish over time. The sound might never go away but simply not allowing the car to creep at the stop or pull out prevents it from happening. If you are describing the sound that I think you are that would explain why the shop didn't find anything.
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    Actually, allowing the car to creep to a stop before braking is usually what minimizes it. If I do what I call a "California stop" which is slowing the car down by gentle braking to just shy of a full stop, the grinding noise doesn't happen. It's literally only at the actual point of a full stop.
    The more I think about it and the more I listen to people like you, the more I do think it's either a lube or debris issue. My mechanic says 100% it's safe to drive, so I'm just going to do as you suggest - which makes sense - see if it doesn't "diminish over time."
    Thanks for your response and input. Much appreciated!
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