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Mazda CX-7 Engine Reliability

erhayeserhayes Posts: 10
I drive my vehicles to ~130,000 miles. I sell them as very good running vehicles that have no oil consumption or other issues. The 2.3 L turbo engine is a long stroke 2.0 L engine. Usually this leads to a less than reliable engine, at least for the long haul. Does Mazda use this engine in any other vehicles or must we wait and see. I'm thinking that Mazda took the cheap way out to gain Cu Ins. Most new turbo engines use a square or over square design with respect to Piston Bore vs Stroke. Comments ?


  • Yes they do. Remember, this engine is a retooled version of the peppy one in the Mazda 6. Less horses/earlier torque.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda has been using the MZR 2.3 since 2003 in the Mazda6, since 2004 in the Mazda3. It has been very reliable. The MZR 2.3L Turbo (CX-7/Mazdaspeed6/Mazdaspeed3) has been in use for over a year now, and uses forged internals to withstand turbo charging. There have been no issues, so far, in questioning reliability for the MZR 2.3L Turbo.

    As to the specifics on how the displacement was reached, I cannot accurately answer that.
  • Maybe you should get in on our wager going on over in the Maintenance thread... :P

    I'm staking a dinner on the fact that the engine won't implode if you just follow Mazda's maintenance recommendations.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I've been around turbo's from various mfg for many many years and wouldnt hesitate to buy one, assuming its a good vehicle to begin with...A great example of is the saab 900 4cyl turbo from the 80's which had amazing long term durability. Make sure you order all the expensive stuff at your dinner!!
  • Yes, I had a 1986 Saab turbo and sold it running well at 124,000 miles. The Saab company committed themselves to turbos. Their engines were designed from the ground up for turbo charging. I am seriouly wanting to move from my Subaru to the CX7 and want to feel comfortable with Mazda engineering. I have never had a Mazda before.
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    I had just begun my usual drive to work and all seemed OK. But suddenly, when accelerating from a light, I had NO power - despite flooring the accelerator, the car just would not go any faster (about 20-30 mph) for a few seconds. Then, just as suddenly, it spun up and I had my power back. Now it's OK but I'm VERY concerned. There's still plenty of time on the warranty but I want to be sure the dealer is aware. Any suggestions? Anyone had turbo problems with this car?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Now it's OK

    Turbo lag is one thing but this is a bit extreme. I would have it checked out ASAP along with your electronics.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It begins to appear that many cars of asian manufacture have now, are now, adopting the engine/transaxle ECU ATF line pressure control technique first used by Toyota in the '99 RX300.

    The old system, simple gear type ATF pump, pressure holding/sustaining accumulator, and spring loaded pressure relief valve, has been abandoned in favor of the lighter weight, "compact", and more fuel efficient electronic ATF line pressure control technique.

    What that appears to mean to you as a driver is that the new system cannot sustain enough line pressure for two gear changes in quick succession. For instance, you lift the throttle slightly and the transaxle reacts, just as it should, always has, by upshifting. But now, quickly, you need/want to return acceleration (traffic light went green..??) and depress the gas pedal accordingly. Oops, the ECU has "relaxed" the line pressure (FE, remember..??) in accordance with being in 4th(??) gear cruise mode and now there is no line pressure to support a downshift sequence let along enough pressure to hold the downshift clutches fully and firmly closed under acceleration torque levels.

    What to do, what to do...??!!

    Oh, use the DBW, E-throttle system to delay the engine torque rise until the ECU can command an increase in line pressure, then the line pressure can rise to the level required.

    A quick transition to full throttle from "cruise"....

    Same problem, no line pressure..

    If you wish to accelerate fairly quickly then a reasonably slow depression of the gas pedal will get you there QUICKER. A quick "stab" of the gas pedal will find the engine/transaxle ECU unprepared for the acceleration level of torque and it will delay engine torque rise until the line pressure can be "pumped up" enough to support the downshift and hold the downshift clutches "tight".

    Welcome to the brave new world of high technology.
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    VERY interesting but not relevant to my problem. However I genuinely enjoyed reading it - info like this is always good to know. Thanks for the great explanation! BTW, the problem did not recur this morning but I will report it to the dealer as soon as possible as I want them to have a record of the event.
  • I wouldn't worry about the reliability of the 2.3T. From what I know, Mazdas are solid, reliable vehicles. Just be sure to keep regular on your maintenance. If you are currently running conventional motor oil switch to synthetic (I recommend Mobil1), fill up with premium gas, and keep all those fluid levels topped and you should be fine.
  • At 37,000 miles on my CX-7 (2 years old), vehicle developed an oil leak from the Timing chain cover. Fortunately it was covered by the 5 year 60K mile warranty. repair took 3 days. Mazda covered the rental. Oil leak on a 2 year old car? Give me a break.......

  • realprobrealprob Posts: 1
    Im writing this msg just out of frustration :sick: ....towards Mazda CX 7 and the dealer i bought this used car!!Also would welcome any advice /help suggestions on steps i should take as im new in this country and cheated by the dealer!!
    Now to the problem: I bought a used 2007 CX 7( $13000 and 51000 mileage) from a dealer in arlington VA.....the second day of purchase a knocking sound started to come from the passenger side of the engine,i went back to the dealer he said there are some recalls on the car Mazda will replace them ,The Mazda did change the said part but the knocking sound did not go away!!
    I got a diagnostic check done at Mazda and they opened the engine and they said that sludge had accumulated on the engine due to bad maintenance.and a new engine had to be put!!
    they asked for previous service receipts so that they have a prove that the car was well maintained but i have only bought the car last month!! how can i have the receipts!!!! :mad: :mad:
    i went back to the dealer and told him everything and asked for the receipts if any,this time he totally ignored me ,and avoided me and told me that you have bought the car as it is he can not help me!!!!!!!!!!

    The car is still under Mazda warranty but since i can not produce the receipts ,the warranty hold void!! and i have to pay from my pocket :cry:
    i am so confused i dont know what i should do!! should i go to BBB, are they even helpful!!
    pls any help!!!
  • Hey guys! I've been posting this for a while, but guys please listen...

    You must report this with the National Highway Traffice Safety Administration! I have checked on the website and there is only one other report on the website other than mine about the issue with Mazda CX7's.

    To file a formal complaint with us, the NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Please click on the following link or paste the web address into your browser to file a complaint.

    Click on the Vehicle Complaint form and complete it online. You can also see complaints others have made.

    In the filing the complaint, please have your VIN handy and please include as much detail as possible regarding your incident / experience with the turbo engine shut down.

    This is the only way we can get this car recalled and do not have to come out of so much money to do so.

    You can also file the complaint by phone to (888) 327-4236.

    There is power in numbers! Please do this today if you have not done so already!
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    i filed a report with them but none of my electrical issues were ever recalled!
    i sold my car at a loss!
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