Suzuki SX4 sedan

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If you have any information about the SX4 sedan, please share it here.


  • carritocarrito Member Posts: 38
    I found some good pics here.
    click here

    it seems that it should be available by now but I see nothing in the suzuki web page.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye Member Posts: 473
    i think the sedan looks more serious, the sx4 5-door looks a little toy like to me when i seen it in person..
  • carritocarrito Member Posts: 38
    But a nice looking toy :P

    I hope the sedan has a more descent cargo area than the 5 door; the space in the trunk is a joke when you have the seats up. :lemon:
  • ethan8ethan8 Member Posts: 13
    After seeing the photos of the sedan I have already dismissed it. Now if Suzuki would build a wagon version I would give it a real look.
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Member Posts: 86
    They claim 15.0 cu. ft. for the '08s and 15.5 for the 2009s. Pretty good space for a car of 177" overall.
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