Help! Car is making a sound like a fork in a garbage disposal

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Hi! I drive a 2006 Hyundai Elantra. Recently its been making a ticking sound that went away when I turned on the A/C. Then the ticking sound turned into a rattling sound, from there to a sound like metal in a garbage disposal. It would go away or get faint when I would play around with turning on the A/C. But now it’s here to stay, anytime I rev it sounds like something is about to explode. I took a video and I think I figured out where it’s coming from. I was hoping yall could tell me what it is/how to fix. It kinda looks like whatever the belt is running on is about to fall off. Any help is appreciated!


  • elantraaaelantraaa Member Posts: 2

    *Update it only let me post a picture ): the video shows the problem way more clearly

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