Should I be concerned about Kia Sorento engine recall when buying a high mileage used car?

pula4183pula4183 Member Posts: 1
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For various reasons, the 2011-2015 Kia Sorentos hits a few notes I need for a second family vehicle. I've read, however, that 2011-2016 Kia Sorentos had significant engine troubles due to a manufacturing defect that required a recall.

Am I crazy to think that if I pick up a 100+k mile sorento, the engine troubles would have had to either have been taken care of or not been relevant in that particular vehicle?


  • ptolalibertadptolalibertad Member Posts: 4
    any used...or new these a gamble..i just pruchased a former rental..700 miles later..engine dead from a blown fuse and a dead coil....thats the chance you take..just research the engine type/yr and 2000 ford v10 engine had tons of issues..but i had none of them because i researched it and took steps to make sure it didnt happen to me..most engines have issues of some type..atleast a older design..its well documented so you know what to look for and decide
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