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We're now a Hybrid Family

2hybrids2hybrids Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Honda
just new to this forum, but thought I'd let everyone know that our 2 car family has now gone fully hybrid... my wife got her Honda Civic Hy in May this year and simply loves it... makes driving to her "class from h3ll" tolerable!... about 5 weeks ago the front wheel fell off my old Astro and I started looking around for replacement vehicles... another van was out cuz I got tired of hauling out the seats for product when we weren't toting live bodies!... and originally thought the Highlander Hy was an option til I saw the price tag... (canada... $53K for the Ltd edition)... about 2 weeks ago I drove by our local lot and lo and behold there had appeared an '06 HighHy with low mileage on it... drove it... was hooked... and it now has a place beside my wife's CivicHy... just trying to make the world a better place for our kids I guess!

ps... we're the envy of all our friends...


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