why does the rav4 no longer have tow eyes or hooks in front bumper area?

jimhalljimhall Member Posts: 1
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why does the rav4 and maybe the highlander no longer have the ablity to screw in the tow eye or hook in the front bumper area? This tow eye was easy to use when stuck in snow,sand, or off road problems.
other cars or trucks could easly pull out car with ease. Now you have a special tow truck life use up and use your wheels to tow you out. Very down gradeing for toyota. Even the so called off road rav4s don't have this ablity. Toyota is not looking at a very good safe efficant way of helping out in simple ways for drivers stuck in off road sitiuations. I needed a tow from the boat ramp and it turned in to a nightmare. If I had a tow eye my friends could have given me a boost. My old rav4 had that ability. Even the tow truck driver said toyota made a big mistake in not having this .


  • rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    I know the Canadian built RAV's don't have tow eyelets.
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