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LR3 Rubber neckers - other SUV drivers who check out your LR3?

dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
edited March 2014 in Land Rover
This has been one of the most satisfying aspects (for me) of having bought a new LR3.

During my first test drive, a guy in a Cayenne S was keeping pace with us, and doing the rubber neck thing to check out the truck for about 2-3 minutes driving in a rural area near the dealership.

Also, ever since I have owned the vehicle, I have noticed people accelerating up behind me like crazy - initially, I just thought they were fast drivers who would pass me on the highway - but when they got up beside me, they hit the brakes and gawk... It gave me a nice tingly feeling...

Unfortunately, it does have some bad side-effect...

About 3 weeks ago I was driving home on the highway in rush hour. A couple in a Bimmer 5-series start doing what I have come to characterize as the accelerate-check-out maneuver - they speed up from somewhere behind me, and get into the lane beside me to get a better look at the LR3... unfortunately, they were both looking at my truck, and not at the road in front of them, and traffic had come to a sudden stop in the right lane.

Well, they rear-ended a stopped Cadillac STS at about 45 - 50 mph. Even more unfortunate was that right behind them was another guy in a fairly new Yukon who may have been checking the LR3 out as well, because he also did not look far enough ahead to realize that traffic had stopped - he piled into the back of the Bimmer.

The result was a 4 car pileup on the highway.

I don't get that tingly feeling anymore when people check out the truck... I get a feeling of dread that they may injure themselves!

The same thing almost happened again last week, but I realized what was going to happen, so I slammed on my brakes even though I didn't have to, just to wake the person beside me up to the fact that his lane was coming to a sudden slow-down... luckily there was no repeat of 3 weeks ago...

In any case, just seeing if anyone else out there had noticed LR3-envy on the faces of their fellow SUV drivers?



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    markc5markc5 Member Posts: 19
    I just traded in a mercedes R class which is not the prettiest car on the road for a LR 3 I am glad to hear that from an esthetic standpoint I definately traded up
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    dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    I really hate it when people one-up me, but in this case I can't resist responding to your post... with what I traded in for my beautiful brand new LR3:

    A 2001 Pontiac Aztek!
    Arguably the least desirable, ugliest POS on the planet... except for the Citroen 2CV, that is... ;)

    I take my bow. :shades:

    Ironically enough, my wife and I did look at the R class as an alternative when they had a special rate sale on just before we picked up the LR3 - we're out in the lot checking them out, and my wife has her back to the dealership building, so she doesn't see the sales guy coming up behind her... I then ask her "So what do you think of this one? It's the one on special."

    And just as the sales guy comes up within earshot (perfect timing), she responds "It's almost as ugly as the Aztek.. I don't like it at all"

    The sales guy just deflates on the spot while he's outting the inevitable "So what can I get you into today?" speech.

    My response: "Well, it looks like we've already made a decision, thanks." And walked off the lot.

    (Personally, for those who love the R class, I have nothing against them, excepting that they look a bit too much like a Pacifica - I understand that for cost, some vehicles have to share the same platform, but I think they could have changed the outward appearance a little more!)
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    markc5markc5 Member Posts: 19
    I can honestly say that you have now one upped me!! an Aztec is uglier. :) Here is the full story: My lease was up on my business car so I purchase a range rover. As soon as I got home my wife told me that the R class I bought for her was now mine and my range rover was now hers!!! How uncool was that. So I suffered for 3 or 4 months with this super soccer mom's station wagon and finally said that is enough!!! Couldn't afford another range rover so we bought the LR3 and haven't looked back since.
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    stillwatersstillwaters Member Posts: 33
    And the prettiest color on the LR3?

    I own the Tonga Green with tan leather, but I believe the Bright Silver is probably the most eye catching...

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    dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    I have a Zambezi Silver Metallic one, but it was my second choice...

    The Alveston Red Micatallic (previously Rimini Red when we were looking at it?) was my first choice, but there were none available in the country with the HD package...

    O Well... My wife is eying the LR2 for a second vehicle with Tambora Flame...

    Personally, I want the full-sized Range in Giverny Green.
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    stillwatersstillwaters Member Posts: 33
    I originally wanted the Zambezi Silver. My wife on the other hand really liked the Tonga Green. So we compromised and got the Tonga Green... ;)
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    markc5markc5 Member Posts: 19
    Rimini Red here in our LR3 and Buckingham Blue on our Range Rover. Both Beautiful colors. Rimini Red is very striking :surprise:
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