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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma - Wet floor when it rains

I have a 96 S10 with almost 140,000 miles on it. When it rains I get wet carpet (only) on the driver's side. I don't see any water leaking in from the windows.

I am not sure if this wetness comes with the rain while the truck is NOT being driven, or only WHILE being driven, or both.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!!


  • I have the same problem in my 1998 extended cab s-10. That when it rain the driver side floorboard gets soaked. I live on the oregon coast and after the last few storms I opened the door a few days ago and found the water was up over my thick rubber mat. Plus the carpet and pad under the mat were soaked. I have vacuumed the water in the carpet and tried to suck as much out of the pad under it, and put a portable heater in the truck to dry it out. I just don't get how it's coming in.
  • emily7emily7 Posts: 1
    when it rains the passanger side floor is soaked, i have changed the seals and gotten a new windsheild but it is still happening
  • Hi,

    My 2002 ext cab (when New) had a similar issue on the passenger's side.

    At top passemger's corner of the windshield - the roof is welded to the upright suport from the lower body. Outside it looked Ok - but under the windshield rubber trim strip - at the top corner - it was open a tad between the metal supports. Water was getting down around the windshield rubber outside cosmetic rubber trim would run down under this rubber trim - and instead of running down around the windshield glass/ seal - it went inside the support weld hole and was dripping inside and down the inside of the support into the passember kickpanel area - and leaking into the passemger floor.

    The dealer finally pull away the inside corner of the head liner - say the issue, caulked it up - and I had no more issues....

    Hope this helps ...
  • Thanks! That will be another area to check once winter is over.
  • hey i have a 1991 gmc s15 an when it rains i get water on the drivers side floor an it is comeing from the firewall so u should check that on yours an u might find where the water is comeing in from
  • Did you pull up the carpet to see this? Or were you some how able to see the leak from the engine side?
  • i seen it from the in side of the truck cab i see one spot on the drivers side floor that was wet an it was right up by the center humo in the cab but the side by the break was all nice an dry so check along there an it might help
  • I had the same problem with my 1993 S-10 pickup. I thought it was leaking through the windshield when it rained but it still did after sealing the whole thing up. So, I unscrewed and took off the plastic panels off the body(on the driver's side, left of the pedals)and there is a big hole in the metal body with a black patch on it that was coming off. I poured water on the corner of the windshield and yep that's where it was leaking in. Not sure why there is a hole there (maybe to lighten the truck?) and if it's in your S-10. I just know it was a pain in the rear figuring out the whole mess and I just patched it up with another patch and some adhesive. Problem solved.
  • Thanks. That sounds like it might be it for me as well. We checked a couple other "common" sources for the same issue with no luck so hopefully when I get the carpet up this summer I will find it.
    Thanks Again!!
  • i have this same problem with a 2000 gmc sonoma. i found that mine had been leaking where someone installed a sun deflector and tried to put the seal back on with blue goo, after a while the silicone got weathered and it started leaking.
  • 99zr299zr2 Posts: 1
    in the fire wall a windshield drain or slanted channel running from the passenger side of the cab to the drivers side,was created to get rid of water from the windshield (just under the cowling). tthe problem is usually due to a drain hole getting stopped up by leaves or other debris and letting the water sit and corrode through to the inside of te cab. remove the fender and use body sealer or even liquid nails to fill it in, this corrosion can also be caused by a build up of the sealant that gm uses on its pannels and "dams up" the water.
  • My 97 S-10 had wet carpet on the driver side. Turned out to be two things. #1. The back glass was leaking at the driver side top corner. Looked like the headliner got stuck in the glass adhesive when assembled.
    #2 The body seam on the driver side of the back of the cab wasn't caulked properly at the factory. Bead of sealer was an inch away frm the seam. Besides it being a quality disaster, I enjoyed driving it.
  • fyre2624fyre2624 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue, If you do not mind can you be more specific in reference to the location of the plastic panels? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • hopkins7hopkins7 Posts: 9
    Four items on 2000 s10, (6 cy auto, 4.3L with 192k miles) cluster panel do not work. My current advice is to replace the cluster panel, either with a cluster panel from a salvaged vehicle or purchase a new one from the dealer. Other options? Can dealer set the mileage on a new cluster panel to match my current mileage?
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