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My power steering pump is making a howling sound.
I was told that certain year rangers and taurus had this problem.(I have a 1991 ranger)
Any way I was told that by adding dawn fabric softner that it would quite the sound and perhaps save the pump.
The person who told me this said that he had 40 years as a wrench,and ford told him to try that.
Any one else hear of this?


  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Never heard that one.

    A rebuilt one is about $60 exchange. You need a special tool to remove the pulley. Autozone, etc will loan you the tool if you buy the pump from them. The tool is a gear puller for the pulley.
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    The person who told me this said that he had 40 years as a wrench,and ford told him to try that.
    I won't question that the person had 40 years but I will question whether it was as a mechanic or as a parts changer. There is a vast difference and sounds like he fits in the latter category. Using anything like fabric softener sounds to me like a used car dealer trick to get rid of the vehicle.
    Ford is NOT going to tell anyone to put anything in the power steering pump except power steering fluid. :sick:
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    AMEN to that.. I should know.. I spent a few months on the Ford Hotline, the ones that give that kind of advice.. LOL I have never heard of ANYONE up there using shadetree fixes to get a vehicle (especially one at the dealer), goin down the road. That guy was a load of horse crap.. LOL
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    Thanks for the reply on the steering pump,it sounded kind of strange to me.
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    I have a 1998 ranger extended cab when you turn right or left it squeeks real bad while driveing at slow speeds. I lifted it up in the front and turned the steering wheel both ways and theres no noise at all. Can any one tell what this may be. thanks
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    I don't remember when they changed the front suspension....

    On my 1994, with I-Beams, there is a 'radial trailing arm' or some such named suspension item. It it a large, about 2 1/2 foot long arm that goes backward from the front suspension and terminates in a cross member that holds the transmission. Where it ends is a large, round, rubber bushing and the metal arm goes thru this with a big nut on the end.

    The bushing wears and squeaks a lot.

    This is a pretty simple job to replace, even though it is suspension work.

    Jack up. Remove wheel. Remove caliper, hang from a wire. Remove shock. Now,the tougher part starts. Remove the big nut inside the spring. Twist and pull the spring out. It is NOT loaded, under pressure, it will NOT fly out. Remove the big bolt holding the front of the radial arm. Remove the big nut on the back of the bushing. Pull the radial arm forward and out of the bushing. The bushings are cheap, only about $15 or so. Do both sides, they are probably both worn out.

    If you are good with a grinder, torch, and/or drill, you can remove the rivets that hold the bracket that holds the bushing from the crossmember and not take any of the suspension down. Remove nut and pull the bushing off. Replace rivets with bolts. I didn't dare try this, there are fuel and brake lines nearby and I knew I would cut one of these with a grinder.....

    Oh, if you have 4 wheel drive, the above isn't true. They are a lot different.
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    Heard the exact same at an Autozone this morning.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Guess it's gotta be true. Two times in two years.
  • buster15buster15 Member Posts: 38
    Hey all,

    My Ranger started to squeek in the last couple days. The noise is intermittent and only happens on turning the steering wheel. Any one with ideas, the ps fuid is topped up.
  • mgoblue1956mgoblue1956 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 89 Ranger with very loose steering. Where do I begin searching for possible causes?
  • bigbill42436bigbill42436 Member Posts: 5
    My power steering pump is constantly whining as if low on fluid,(which it's not). Truck steers fine and nothing seems wrong just wondering what it could be and how to eliminate the annoying whining. :)
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    I have an 99 2wd ranger, just replaced front rotors and pads. while test driving the truck I notice that the steering shudders momentarily when turning both ways while pushing the brake pedal. no shuddering with my foot of the brake.
    Note: when I change the pads i did pushed the caliper pistons without loosening the bleeder screws, and just drained the excess brake fluid from the master cylinder.
  • wilbrodwilbrod Member Posts: 2
    Every time I turn the wheels I hear the whinening nose I put a new pump it is still doing it does any one have any idea of what I can do this is getting anoying thanks
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Ford PS pumps have whined for many years. And you probably bought a rebuilt one. It will probably last for many years, whining away.
  • wilbrodwilbrod Member Posts: 2
    So is there a solution to fix this problem or do I just have to live with it thanks
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    Have found many times that a "COMPLETE" fluid flush takes care of noisy pumps.
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