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Heater/cooling going Crazy, help!

hankjoeyhankjoey Member Posts: 13
edited July 2021 in Oldsmobile
Car has 87000 miles on. Stored little over 1 yr. a. Before stored - heat/ac etc. work fine, BUT would have this terrible squeaking, noise when fan turned on -- if off ok. Not consistent. OK back to storage: While store started every so often drive into garage & out, but then battery died - got charged up & car started. Fast forward to now; battery was replaced by hubby - car started fine. BUT now Hot air comes out of drivers side vent & normal air comes out of passenger vents. OK First drive on highway: The drivers side starts out with warmish air that gets hotter & hotter - driver noticed heater gauge is over the top. Passenger side vents perfect air. We turn temp. setting to 82 degrees. We head for home. drivers side vents are not back to warmish air. temp gauge on dash still shows hot (and hasn't returned to normal - days later). When returned home: There was NO steam coming from radiator.
Now the compressor on the AC doesn't seem to work (did before storage).
What's going on?
Is the Fan Motor - causing all this? Is it located easily found? Other possible causes - the new battery? Blown Fuses? Any ideas? Thank you


  • hankjoeyhankjoey Member Posts: 13
    Repair 1 part - used a magnet & now the thermostat on dash is normal (go figure)
    A/C blinks then nothing compressor not run.
    Vents - removed & replaced a fuse - now they both seem to be blowing the same temperature - but that might be just wishful thinking.
    The squeeking/terrible loud fan noise still there.
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