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Taurus/Sable Audio Questions

I just bought a 97 sable with the controls for cd changer that can be installed in the trunk. When the company offered this did they pre wire for the changer and run it to the trunk? or will i have to take out radio deck and find the place to plug in a wiring set and run it back to the trunk myself? if so where do you run the wirres back ? thru the car? underneath?
this car spent the first months of its life as a rental then the next 9 yrs with an older couple. I am pretty sure it has NEVER had a changer in it. novice car sterio gal. thanks in advance for any help.


  • hey everyone,
    will someone please tell me there is a way to get a CD deck into my 99' taurus se, its power everything but has the limited luxury of a tape player! I'm told that there are no aftermarket face-plates to replace the existing one :mad: (the requirement in getting a CD deck installed) is there anyone who knows of a place to get one of these, or is there a way to bypass the existing radio with a mounted deck in another place. . . Because my other thinking was to mount the deck slightly above the rear view mirror and just run the wires around the windshield. . . Anyways someone, please help me.

  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I haven't checked lately, but try Crutchfield. I believe all Taurus/Sables of that era a remote trunk mounted CD deck can be installed and run by the radio buttons.

    Also, I think Crutchfield also sells an aftermarket faceplate.

    PS, you posted in the wrong area, this is a Taurus/Sable MPG discussion!
  • :) try www.crutchfield.com
    their website has an option "What fits my car?". You would select the year make and model of your car. I got 4 new speakers and a five disk CD changer for my 2002 Sable. It simply pluged into the existing amplifier, which is located in the trunk, I never would have thought it was there. Sounds great, but not extremely loud. They will have all the expertise you will need at their 800 number, even before the sale, and a liberal free return policy. I wrote a review of the CD changer I bought (USA-SPEC) for their website. On your initial order, order enough to get you over the free shipping minimum, and return the pieces you don't want. They let you return anything you want to return, free return shipping, for full credit, but be careful to be able to put it back in the boxes undamaged, like new. My CD changer was about $250 new, and the speakers were 3-element Blaupunkts for about $60 total for all 4 speakers. The price was so low because they were being discontinued but they sound great! If you can get a discount from being referred by me (a previous customer of theirs), let me know (by e-mail) and I will find out the code you should use. One last word of advice. If you think you might want the additional cartridges for the CD changer (assuming it will fit in your car), order them with the initial order, so the shipping will be free also. If you don't wan't them, you can return them for a full credit with no return shipping charges.
  • the first reply is a good one,,, crutchfield is very good when it comes to finding the right sterio for your car, but if your 99 taurus is like my 99 taurus, it has the round faceplate in the center of the dash.... there's no cd player or tape deck that can fit, unless you order the faceplate and tape deck from ford directly... (I battled this one for two years.....) you can't get a cd player put in your car, at least not in the cabin. The 99 taurus's have a built in adapter and brackets for the 5 or 6 disk changer in the trunk, right below the back window. it's basicly, plug and play. if your faceplate in the dash has the 'disc' buttons, then once you install it (a few screws and one big plug) you're good to go. if your faceplate doesn't have those buttons, you can order a new faceplate and tape deck from ford, and have your local body shop or mechanic install it for you. there's a special tool they will need to take the plate off, don't try it yourself or you'll break it without it. Oh, and don't waste your money on a 300 or 400 dollar changer, they're all the same unless you have new speakers put in. The factory ones are horrible!! Hope that helps, if you need anything else, reply! Have a good day!!
  • radio2radio2 Posts: 2
    does anyone out there know how to remove the door panels on a 1998 ford taurus sedan? :confuse:
  • radio2radio2 Posts: 2
    did you ever get a cd player in your 99 Taurus? i have a 98 Taurus and i installed my own cd player right where the radio/tape player were. you need the 2 removel tools that fit in the holes of the round face plate you can buy these at any walmart store once you put the tools in those slots you use a slight tug to the outside left and right and pull the old stereo out you don't have to go to ford for the kit (faceplate) you can go to any good stereo dealer and buy the cd player of your choice and and they will install the new player in the dash right where your radio/tape player is now or you can get the kit and do all of this your self i paid 89.00 bucks for a kit and got everything i needed except the removel tools of which i only paid 5.00 bucks for the instructions you get with your new face plate is very self explainable and very direct dont go to ford for anything they just rip everyone off
  • I have a 2002 Sable Platinum or Premium... as you can probably tell, I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to cars. I wanted to have an after market stereo installed at a local car audio installer and was disappointed when they told me that there is no install kit for this car because of it's over sized din and the fact that it's one big unit with the digital climate control and radio together as one piece. Anyone know if this is true? I can't find any information anywhere. Also, I went to Circuit City a few weeks back and had the Drive + Play ipod adapter installed on the dash but the sound quality isn't the best. I read online that the sable/Taurus has an auxiliary input for a CD changer that can be also used for other things such as the Drive + Play but circuit city told me that this isn't possible even though nothing is connected to that input, and wired it to the antenna. I feel like I'm getting screwed over and pushed around just because I have a car that most people wouldn't mod... well I love the damn thing and plan on having it a while and I'm hoping I can do some nice stuff to it so if anyone has some information, please let me know!

    Also if anyone knows any cool and not too expensive things to do to this generation of sables let me know I'm very interested and the only info online is mostly for imports.

    Also, a friend gave me a XM satellite radio that was apparently stolen and I'm stuck on what to do with it. It's my understanding that these can't be reactivated if they're reported stolen so should I just trash it or what?

    Thanks guys.
  • cody116cody116 Posts: 1
    I recently bought my first car, 1994 Taurus GL. I wanna replace my back speakers but im not sure which size they are. Im guessing 6X9's, or close ot it. Any1 know for sure?

    and if any1 knows the speakers sizes for the front doors that would be awsome too.
    Thakns in advance
  • i used 6*8 for my 99' front and back
    these pioneer speakers sound pretty good and they're cheap
    link title
  • kungrakungra Posts: 1
    Hello, I just purchased a 2003 LS, and I'm in the same boat as you with the audio setup. Have you found anything yet? Love the car though...
  • I just installed a car stereo pioneer, in my 1999 ford taurus v6 3.0 (vulcan) and when i flip the ignition backwards with the key in the pioneer deck does not turn on and i would like to know which wire could it be or something that can help me out here.

  • me and my husband bought a 97 taurus sho v8 3.2.when we got it the cd changer was working. then my husband was on his way to the when i came outside to see why he was not gone. he said that the cd was not playing so i get in the trunk to see and i look and there are 2 cds in one sleeve so i take it out and put it in the right sleeve put the sleeve back in the changer and told him to play it.at first it started playing the cd so i changed the the disk and ever sense then the cd changer will not play and on the radio display it only will go to disk 2 and disk 6 but wont play it just acts like its reading it so please help us
  • Have a CD changer in the front console, between the driver and passenger seats. Put in 3 CDs to play. Started OK, but now I cannot eject the changer and when I press the CD button to play, it states "no cd". Any clues? Thanks!! :(
  • After pulling the factory radio from the dash I was surprised to find that the antennae was not directly plugged to the back of the unit. Can anyone tell me where the antennae connection is so I can tap into it with my satelite radio gear? Thanks
  • Sure,remove any screws such as behind the door latch and maybe under the arm rest,remoce the door lock by unscrewing it and the panel should "pop" off,its attached by clips using pressure,be careful if you have power windows,start at the bottom and unpop the plastic clips,when putting it on use hand pressure and replace the screws.
  • jaycenjaycen Posts: 1
    I have bought a 2002 mercury sable and I have a question about buying an aftermarket stereo. I have researched many kits so that the aftermarket stereo will fit where the old one did but I have noticed something. The rear defroster is on the other side of kit. Instead of it being next to the fan control knob, it is next to the fan position knob. Will the kits still work even though they are on the wrong sides?
  • kjhansenkjhansen Posts: 11
    try crutchfiel.com; they have all new faceplates (with the oval shape) that can accomodate an aftermarket stereo with a CD player. I have a 1999 Sable and I'm trying to find an OEM CD player that mounts in the trunk so I can use the existing controls in the dash stereo (the one like you have with the tape player. Thanks Ken
  • My 6-CD stereo can only play 1 CD. When I click on the button to advance to the next CD slot, nothing happens. I bought the car used, so I'd be safe to say there's stuck CDs in the stereo.

    How do I get those jokers out of there?
  • antennae plugs into a electronic box in trunk left side under carpet on side wall behind wheel well
  • ncmacaslncmacasl Posts: 1
    :confuse: I own a 2004 Ford Taurus with the Stanadard AM/FM Cassette Deck. I have a tape cassette adapter for use with my mp3 player & Cell Phone. My issue is that the tape deck in the car tries to auto-seek to the next song after each song is over or any time it hears a pause (going into Auto-Seek Mode, switching "sides", etc.). It's very irritating. Is there anyway to disable the auto-seek feature on the tape deck?
  • liz1597liz1597 Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 taurus and i put a cd in then i tried to put another in but it wont let me any ideas on how to put more than one cd in the cd player. does anyone know if you can put more than one cd in the cd player?
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