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engine vibrations after warm up { 3 to 4 miles} 35 mph upto 55 mph,after60 mph it runs great!!! HELP

BarryFBarryF Member Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Ford
I am an 81 yr. old retired mechanic and i am at a loss to fix the problem with computer related engines. I thought that I could fix anything that came up a good tune up, this truck has 155750 or so miles on the OD,I had to put all new brake lines /power steering lines/new battery/after sitting outside for about a year and a half. It started right up and ran pretty well until i drove it home and started to buck a little at low speed, I then gave it a little more throttle and it felt like i was running on a rumble strip on the highway .I said probably needs plugs -replaced all 8,they looked like they were the originals with gaps of .075 to .095 thou. I test ran it on the road and it ran for about 3.5 miles and started bucking again ,I put it into passing gear and about 60 mph it started to smooth out but the check engine light came on and i went back home to hook up my scanner to check the codes--it said problem wasO2sen. bank 2 bad, I said O s### ! So I replaced all 3 of them the next day ,all day.Test run again-- another code __ Bank 1 up stream sensor stuck ?? Removed it and returned it for another __ tested again still buckin.g, ButI have no codes?? I ran it out on the high way from 50 to 60 rough--- from 60 to 75 mph smooth... this time i had a pending code P2270 I can't find any such code number in any of my manuals. A good friend told me that code could be a proprietary FORD factory code?? what do you think ?? I like the truck ,every thing underneath is tight with no leaks , other than some dents and some rust that i know i can fix ,its not bad . I just want to be able to go on a trip without worry about getting home again . Any help will be appriciated. Thanks; Barry F
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