Has anyone heard of/ used new "MAXPOWER" NIMH cells in their packs?

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Currently my 05 FEH battery is suffering badly, Self discharges in 24hr, and i wouldn't trust it to start after 72hr lol
This is the store i found, and it looks like every pack they sell is the same 6.5AH NiMH D-cell in various configurations. Thats hopeful since the original pack is 5.5AH
But at the same time it looks sus as F, I don't trust any reviews on it and it's all in broken english
Greentech auto has a $2k 12mo warranty, and a $2.9k 18mo warranty and a $4K 36mo warranty (all refurb cells)

I did contact them for a quote, and $2.5k for a 3 year warranty and supposed brand new cells is great, with the tradeoff of playing with high voltage

Also if nobody has heard of them at all, and this turns out to be a scam... What are some ways to be able to get my money back without having to ship the cells back overseas? Would a chargeback work if I document everything correctly? It does say they take paypal, would they be any good in this situation?


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    also 10/10 website, I clicked post it gave me an error on too many tags
    Click again after removing tags, it gives me a spam warning but keeps me on the make post page
    I think i haven't posted since I'm on the same webpage, so i wait the 10 minute warning and post finally and find out the other 2 have gone thru
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