Need help my mpg on meter not showing 50mpg

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Hi my name is Chris I recently bought a 2014 honda accord touring hybrid and I notice my mpg stays at around 26-29 but the dealer told me and researching online this car should be getting around 40-50 mpg on average and I was told the eco/ev does not need to be on to get 40-50mpg I also reset the settings and odometer and still getting 26-29 I've owned the car for a few days now. Please if any help at all I would appreciate it very much.


  • Honda_LoyalistHonda_Loyalist Member Posts: 1
    I have had this car for almost 5 yrs now, during summer when the lubes and engine, transmission oils are not so viscous and depending on the rout of your trip (uphill/plane etc.) max mpg I got was up to 44 initially, after 50k or so miles around 42 or so during summer, currently (east cost weather) it averages around 35-37 mpg. It goes down to about 30 during winter/sub-zero temps. That's what my experience have been. 26-29 is definitely low, you might want to get it tuned-up at some very reliable place (I hate to send anyone to dealers, as they are f%$@ing rip off). Might as well do it early as it defeats the whole purpose of having a hybrid. (also never get the oil change at Tom/Dick/Harry garages).
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