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Need Help with Ecm (Chevy S-10)

SugesageSugesage Member Posts: 3
edited August 2021 in Chevrolet

I've been having car troubles for months now, and they were fixing the fire by changing out my plugs and the cap wasn't fitted properly etc. Well they did everything they thought of and when my family friend brought the car back to me, he specifically said the Ecm was probably the last thing that it needed replaced soon. I've not been using the vehicle much and didn't know where to turn but finally came here. He's now telling me to take it back to the mechanic ( who is also a family friend, not some stickler) just to get everything 100%, make sure I get the right ecm, etc. Well I don't want to put more stress on my starter than I already have. Could anyone tell me with certainty which one to get here without me having to go back in? When I look online, it gets very confusing and I find no match to the "BARL". I appreciate any and all help, thank you.


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