Wild Idle after changing power steering pump

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So here's one I haven't been able to find on any forum:
I have a 98 zj 4.0 ltr 6cyl. And went to the old junk yard
for a power steering pump.

The Similar car that was supposed
to be there wasn't there, but they did have a couple other jeeps.
Now I'm no power steering expert, but it seemed to me, if I could
find one on a jeep of slightly different year or whatever, but it looked
basically identical and lined up and all the fittings and connections worked
it should be no problem. Not my first junkyard rodeo.

So I pulled one that matched my old power steering pump which was leaking bad, and
actually never worked all that well since I bought jeep in 2011, and hooked
up the one I just got. Looks great. Power steering never worked better except
that it sends my jeep into these wild fluctuations in my rpms.
Especially while idleing. I mean it's pretty bad. And so far, I cannot figure out
why a power steering pump would even have that kind of effect on my jeep.

So far I tried resetting the computer, pumping gas pedal 3 times with key turned but engine not on, pulling the Air control valve and cleaning it up some(seems fine btw), and finally unplugging the upstream 02 Sensor, which didn't really have much effect.

For the love of all things automotive has anyone ever even heard of something like this. And better still, is there a practical fix for it??

Thanks in advance.

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