Spark plug broke and threads are still stuck

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I have a 2018 Ford Escape with 44,000 miles. I went to change the spark plugs. This is the first change. 3 of them came right out with zero issues. The last one would not move. I sprayed penetrating oil and slowly worked it for over 2 hours.

Finally, it came lose. To my horror the top half of the spark plug came out. The threads are still inside stuck. If you look at the spark plug hole it just looks like a hole, however the threads from the spark plug are still there on the sides.

Is it possible this was cross threaded from the factory? What are my options? Will the dealership charge me an arm and a leg?


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    It wouldn't have been cross threaded, it never would have gone all of the way in. But why it got seized in the hole is an unknown at this point. You might have to pull the cylinder head and get some help from a machine shop. I can imagine needing to drive the porcelain out and then cut the body of the spark plug inside the threads to weaken it to make it removeable. It wouldn't surprise me if the plug hole needs bored out and a threaded insert put into the head for the new sparkplug.
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