Q50 Infiniti Failed Turbo Reasons/Diagnostics

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Hi everyone.
I own an Infiniti Q50 2016 (2nd owner) with 43K miles. I am not sure if previous owner was as "gentle" with the car (as far as I know they did manufacturer recommended maintenance with perhaps single lapse of oil change that was about 10-15K miles back in 2017). I treat my car nicely and take it for regular maintenance and don't beat on it. Long story short, I ended up having to replace my failing turbos (thankfully covered under 5 year manufacturer PowerTrain warranty). Now I am trying to understand what actually caused Turbos to fail in the first place (I do my oil changes every 5K miles, don't beat on the car, etc). I am asking the Infiniti dealership to check for oil contamination (I sometimes see white vapor/smoke coming from exhaust on cool/humid days but was told it's normal), oil starvation, foreign object damage, but they said they don't test for it, and basically this was an "internal failure in the turbos" and they won't be doing any further diagnostics. Did anyone come into the issue before? Is there anything you recommend I ask the dealer specifically to test for or try and test on my own (for example I heard there are some companies that sell oil testing kits that are mail outs, etc). Would you recommend I continue looking into causes or is it just perhaps horrible infamous Infiniti quality and I just need to replace the turbos and forget about it? Thanks!
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