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i need something reliable and i love lincolns but i cant afford a newer good are these cars at older ages


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    First it depends on how well the former owner pampered it. You need to know it's maintenence & repair history.

    Upon buying it, change the engine oil and filter using a synthetic oil i.e. Mobil 1.

    Change the oil in the transmission & torque converter.

    Change the lubricant in the rear axle.

    Change the coolant in the radiator.

    Change the brake fluid.

    Check the air suspension very closely.

    The above is offered due to having a 94 with 131,500 miles.
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    thank you for the advice
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    I upgraded due to a redlight runner hitting another car and pushing it into me. Both driver side doors, gone. The 02 is awsome. The improvements from 00 to 02 are very nice. Better ride and handling and firmmer seats. I have seen remarks about the seats getting worse, but I beg to differ. I think I am getting better gas mileage as well. I have only driven it for a couple of days, but it has been fun. Happy motoring.
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    I have been looking for a car and saw an interesting 1991 Lincoln Town Car. Interesting, because it had an overcam engine put in it and a starter button on the dash. Obviously, I don't know much about cars, because I'm still
    not sure what to make of these additions. Otherwise, the car had 78,000 miles (on both or second engine, forgot to ask) and practically new Michelin tires. Spotless leather interior. Body in good shape. Just.....interesting. Thought I'd try to get some feedback. Also, an odd idling noise; dealer said it needed some $20 dollar part,easily fixed, something to do with the belt. ">
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    The 91 was the first issue with the OH Cam 4.6 engine, but I don't remember a starter button on the dash!

    Odd idling noise? Could be just a $20 part or it could be a $100 Mass Idle Air Sensor. If it's so easy to fix, have the seller fix it before buying.
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    Sure it is! These cars can go 250K easily. I drive a TC everyday as a driver for a corporate transportation company, and I see 2000 TC's stil lon the road and working!
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