Competition for the Azera from... KIA Amanti?


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    My guess would be that Hyundai is spreading the platform costs over the Azera/Grandeur and the Amanti. I didn't do a side by side comparison, but I would guess the specs for interior space and sizings to be the same as the Azera. The engine and transmission sound the same.

    I still have problems with the grill looking like early 60's Studebaker Hawk models as used on the Amanti. I'll take the looks of the Azera over this new Amanti. I also think that resale for a Hyundai will be better than a Kia, different perception in the market for similar cars.
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    And, if some of the folks here think Hyundai dealerships are bad, Kia's are bottom-feeders by comparison.
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    Regardless, Greater Hyundai Conglomerate takes it to the bank regardless "who" wins in sales.
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    I recently bought my Mother a 2006.5 Optima after she was in a bad accident and I have to disagree. ALL car dealers are bottom-feeders. The experience I had with the Kia dealership has been excellent and they have been great for my Mother to deal with too post-sale. The Hyundai dealer I bought my Sonata from has been excellent as well. You can't compare a Kia dealer to a Hyundai dealer. If you read enough posts, there are just as many negatives said about all car dealers.

    There are some dealership owners that have better reputations than others and the make of the car they sell is irrelevant!
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    Re. # 5 Well, I can / did compare the Kia and Hyundai dealerships. But in fairness, MY local Kia dealership is a bottom-feeder.
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    to avoid generalizations like "all" dealers. Certainly report your individual experiences, but it's neither a good idea nor fair to assume that all dealers will treat everyone the way you were treated.
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    Thankfully, our local Hyundai dealer is also a Kia dealer, and the dealership is a good one. It's also a Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, and VW dealer - all in a multi-building superstore complex.

    The worst thing I've heard from my Hyundai mechanic is that Kia's parts distribution is poor, much worse than Hyundai or others. Toyota has the best parts distribution.
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    Hi Pat:

    Thanks, and I agree, which explains my additional post regarding "MY" local experience. I should have made a better effort not to generalize.

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    Gotcha. Thanks! :)
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    In St. Louis DO got to Suntrup Hyunda. DO NOT got to The Dean Team or St. Charles Hyundai. Based upon personal experience, I bought my former XG350 at The Dean Team and after my first service experience quickly looked for another dealer. I was recommended to try Suntrup Hyundai. They were very good with their service and honoring all warranty work. I am a Costco member and gave St. Charles Hyundai a chance at selling me my 06 Azera Limited with the Ultimate Package. They wanted $600 under MSRP. I then went to Suntrup and bought the car at invoice plus the $1000 rebate, the $500 owner loyalty incentive and a $300 dollar internet discount. They didn't have the Steel Gray with Gray leather interior I wanted. They got my car from St. Charles Hyundai with paint sealant, wheel well and door edge molding and pinstripes and didn't charge me for any of those add ons. I was highly skeptical of the paint sealant and would have never paid for it but I do believe it works to some degree.
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    Suntrup - Yes
    St. Clair Automall - maybe cautious

    I own a 2006 amanti and had a strange "ticking" sound start up in my engine. :sick: I went to the St. Clair Kia and they told me that it was probably caused by the fact that Valvoline had changed my oil. "No...the ticking started BEFORE the oil change" -- Well, we still think that the oil change was the problem -- (insert strange look from me at this point....)

    They changed my oil (I had all of about 100 miles on this oil change so far) and lo and behold it did not fix the problem (cylinder #1 misfiring....they put a additive in the oil to unstick something...)

    Hmmmm says captain brilliant....that did not seem to fix it. You owe us for an oil change and filter anyway. By the way...your oil old looked good.

    No kidding.

    They told me that they would have to pull the heads but that KIA would probably not cover it under warranty because I did not buy it new (I had about 5,000 miles on it and I was the first owner) -- "hmmmm I thought that you could not sell it as new after 250 miles" He states with a poker face that could land him on any texas holdem show on TV.

    Wait...I only have 12,xxx miles on it now....what about at least the 50000 mile warranty? have to have the oil changed at a Kia don't really HAVE too, but you really should or Kia may now honor the over this new program we are offering for $1,500.00 where you pay for all your oil changes and maintaince up front....then you would KNOW your warranty would be good.

    Visa or mastercard?

    Loaner car??? what is that??? NOoooo we can RENT you a car however....

    Would you like to put that on your credit card?

    No thanks....went to suntrup.

    Got a call this morning from Jill from suntrup (while driving a loaner pickup they provided for me)

    Hello Joe....guess what? Your cylinder is out of round, Kia has authorized a new short block to be installed in your car. It will be ready later this week.

    Thanks Jill
    Thanks Kia
    And most of all, thanks Suntrup for restoring my faith in dealers! :shades: be fair...the guy I dealt with at St. Clair WAS very nice. He just really seemed to have his hands tied from up above. I would have guessed it was Kia, except for my experience with Suntrup. I don't really know...take it for what it is worth.

    I DO have the strange noise up front (the guy from St. Clair caught this noise and told me about the TSB for it - point him....)

    Other than this I have loved this car so far and will certainly buy my next car from Suntrup.

    Unless I can afford that mazarati by then...but we will have to wait and see if they have a Suntrup Mazarati dealership I guess!!!
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    Am I the only person to really REALLY like the amaniti styling?

    I really like the front end of this car and I have gotten TONS of compliments from people on it.

    "It looks like a Jaguar" is what I hear the most.

    Please note that I am NOT comparing it to a Jaguar.

    However, the styling is very classy in my opinion.

    Azera? Except for the limited I think they look just like everybody elses car.

    Anyone agree? Or do I stand alone on this?
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    Back a couple of years ago I took a test drive in the Amanti and was duly impressed with the fit 'n finish and yes, I DO like the expressive front-end styling!

    But I put off buying for another year and I read up on it and on a few other models. The reviewers were not at all kind to the 2005 Amanti, statements like "If you want to talk about a brand-new, 1956 Buick..." and "In a hard right turn, the driver can reach out his window and pick up a dime from the roadway!" Of course, my test drive was strictly residential and slow.

    But in late 2006 I had visiting relatives who rented a 2006 Sonata, then had me drive them about in it... and in November I bought the Azera Limited (I also like it's front-end and wide-hipped rear end), and that's all there is to that.

    And I took the test Azera out on the interstate and around exit and entrance ramps very briskly and tested the brakes (white-knuckled salesman beside me) before my decision to buy!... :shades:
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    I love the 2007 Amanti's styling, that's why I bought one! It has a very handsome profile and the looks really do grow on you.
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    RE; 17
    I was impressed with the 06 Amanti, but felt that it was very much underpowered. I have not driven the 07 to see how it feels.
  • mikewellsesqmikewellsesq Member Posts: 29
    If you do try a test drive of the 2007, I think that you will be impressed at the greater power and torque in the new engine. There is a huge increase in HP and a 251 lb. reduction in the weight of the car (part of the savings comes from an aluminum block engine rather than the old iron block). The car has plenty of passing power and is quite peppy.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    I believe I read somewhere that the Amanti is now using the same engine that's used in the Azera.


    Type Sixty-degree six cylinder, aluminum block and aluminum heads
    Valve gear DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder
    Displacement 3,778 cc
    Compression ratio 10.4:1
    Horsepower (SAE net) 264 hp @ 6,000 rpm
    Torque (SAE net) 260 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 rpm


    Displacement (liters) 3.8
    Horsepower @ rpm 263@6000
    Torque (lb.-ft) 257@4500
    Compression ratio 10.4:1
    Valve train 24-valve DOHC w/ CVVT

    Either the same engine, or Hyundai (which owns KIA) did a remarkable job in designing and building two different engines with identical specs!... :shades:
  • mikewellsesqmikewellsesq Member Posts: 29
    Yes, the Azera, the Amanti, and the Sedona minivan share the same "Lambda" 3.8 engine.
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    I had a 2004 and traded for my 2007, due only to the bigger engine. I LOVE my '07, loaded, but I must say when I see a '04-'06 on the road I still do a double-take, especially the taillights. I'm not crazy about a TownCar, but that's what it looks like from the back now. I still love it. Any of you heard about possible changes in 2009?
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    what do i do to see your car
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