It's not the TCM?

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We have a 2014 Ford focus hatchback.
It's been having the common jerking and recently they replaced the clutch.
However problems persisted and becoming worse.
To the point of the car just stopping on the road. Losing acceleration while the rpm gauge shows it's going high.
The car will drive fine then I feel the gears struggling and slipping. To the point of it almost stalling out. After a few seconds we are able to drive it again.

I was suggested to look at the fuel line and fuel filter. However a mechanic shop told us it was definitely the transmission.
Recommending to replace the whole transmission and TCM.

We took it to ford hoping it would be covered under the recall.
The mechanic said they felt it was definitely the TCM module. However Ford will not allow them to replace without a code. The car has not thrown any codes at all.

Does anyone know how to lure a code from a TCM?

Ford has been trying to drive it to get a code to throw with no luck.
They are asking us to take it back by tomorrow.

Any advice?


  • Scarletpom11Scarletpom11 Member Posts: 2

    Does anyone know how to lure a code from a faulty TCM if it's not throwing

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