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Oldsmobile Aurora Security System/Alarm

I recently lost the keys to my 97 Aurora and got a new set made by the dealer. However, without the key fob, the alarm goes off for the two minutes whenever i open a door, even if the car is running. Is there a way to kill the alarm until my new fob arrives by pulling a fuse or anything? It wouldn't be such a big deal but I work in downtown Indianapolis and have to park in a public parking garage and I get looks when getting in my car as if I stole it. Thanks a ton to anyone who can help.


  • f15050f15050 Posts: 1
    Would live to know the answer to your post if you have received one. My alarm has gone wacky.
  • cfoiles74cfoiles74 Posts: 3
    please help my 97 aurora alarm system is going wacky i dont have the fob for it and need to disable it please help how do i disable it
  • hjacksonhjackson Posts: 1
    I recently had my '88 Reatta painted. While in the paint shop the Stereo Amp was stolen with all wires being cut for removal. I was able to remove all the remaining wires and hook up the radio and that works fine. However, now the Security light on the instrument panel blinks constantly and I cannot keep a charge on the battery, which has been replaced with a new one. I'm grasping for straws I know, but can someone give me a clue on how to disable the Alarm in order that I can eliminate that as a battery drain source? Thanks, her by
  • i have a 1997 aurora and when i go to start it, it will say clean key wait 3 min... now its got to the point were i cant even start the car because the security light stays on all the time... if anybody possibly knows what this could be please respond
  • Mine got so bad I had the alarm going off and had to leave it for a ride to a dealer who works on them. He said my key has a chip in it that had gone bad. Looked like a regular key to me. Paid $14.57 for a new one. I have no problems now. At least not with that part of the car.
  • Do you have a key fob? I don't and I am having the same problem. Thought maybe that was why? What I'm doing until I find a 'cure' is... I open and close doors, the trunk, the hood... anything that will move. It's sounds silly but just opening and closing the trunk one time it started, ditto for the hood. Hope this helps you in the meantime. I have been told to get the black pellet in the key tested and buy a resistor as close to the test as possible and have it installed into the orange wiring harness. (into 2 small white wires in there). Try to start the car, if it starts.. bonus, if it doesn't wait 30 minutes to let the security learn the new resistor and try to start again. I haven't tried that yet (can't get anybody to do it for me) I wouldn't know where to start. Anyway just an idea I was given at another site. Keep us posted.
  • ozz1ozz1 Posts: 5
    i am having the same problem with the security system, 3 times now the car wouldn't start and the message "clean key and wait three minutes" came up. i did and it started but this time the security light kept blinking. i called the dealer and he said the receiver in the switch was going and to replace it would be about 350.00, however he said it was possible to rewire the switch and bypass the security system. he says it works fine but that part of the system has been disabled. it is a 99 and a great car but i am not concerned about theft. anyone did this or had it done?
  • Start with the basics..
    Clean the resistor on your key with a Q-Tip dipped in alcohol. Try to start the car.
    If no luck, use the Q-Tip and gently clean the contacts in your key switch. If you look in the switch, you'll see two prongs just inside the switch, that will match up to the key resistor.
    If you're still having problems, the key switch may be bad.
    Two options are available... have a new switch installed or find a VATS bypass that matches the resistance of your key.
    The bypass is far cheaper and is an easy install if you have basic mechanical skills.
    If you have a Volt Ohm Meter, you can check the resistance and construct a home made bypass with resistors from Radio Shack.
  • I have a 1995 aurora it is doing the wait 3 min. thing so im trying to bypass but the problem I'm having is that I was told there were 2 yellow wire groups 1 was for the airbag and 1 was for the security but I can only find the airbag wire then I saw someone posted it was a orange wire group so I looked for that and could not find any
    orange wire with the two white wires in it.Could someone tell me the color for the 95
    aurora plz?
  • It's Polar again. I have found a way to get the car started FREE. Simply turn the ignition key back to accessories and wait 'till security light goes off (or on - whichever is your problem) Starts every time and only a short wait. Hope this is useful.
  • On the driver's side, take out the three screws holding the access panel on above the pedals. The screws are where your knees would be if you're driving. With the panel removed, you should see a large terminal block behind the emergency brake pedal, on the left side of the steering wheel. This terminal block requires a nut driver to be disconnected. The two wires you are looking for in position 1 and 2 from the top on the left hand side. The wires are usually seperate from the bundle and have a grey shielding around two white wires. This grey wire terminates at the ignition switch where they contact both sides of the chip in your ignition key.

    Hope this helps!
  • fastcat001fastcat001 Posts: 2
    ok thank you I'm going to try this got my fingers crossed
  • It seems that when i lock my doors about an hour after my alarm goes off,but if i dont lock my doors theres no problem at all,and when i bought the car it did'nt come with the remote for the keyless entry,OH it's a 99' any advice on where to get a remote and how to solve the alarm problem?
  • Sorry davidmary, I don't know where you can get a key fob. I don't have one but (touching wood) I don't have a problem with that yet.
  • Hey Polarbear I read your post here on the possibility with testing the resistance of the car key ( Black pellet) and did go to Radio shack,and got myself a resistor and did install the resistor , cutting out the existing switch from the ignition and going behind the emergency brake peddle as suggested by you. IT WORKS!!! thank goodness.
  • I'm glad this worked for you! I'm still dealing with my problem (and a few new ones) I don't know the firs thing about doing this operation and can't afford a garage. They see me coming. (older woman). and charge through the teeth. Thanks for responding, it made me feel good.
  • jmbeamjmbeam Posts: 2
    This car was in a small fender bender and the computer was damaged. It was flashed and still would not start. A mechanic looked at it for a couple of hours and think he narrowed it down because at first it was something to do with the alarm. He put everything back together and says it first needs a starter. Its been 5 weeks and he still has not installed the starter so I am going to put it in. Im pretty handy but was not able to diagnose the electrical/computer issue.

    Well I charged the battery first and thought I would try to start the car. When I turn the key everything goes dark. Do you think there is still some sort of computer issue with this car that it will go completely dark when the key is turned. I will install a new starter in the next day or so but really wanted your opinion first. It seems very odd and hope Im not chasing my tail. I wish there was an easier way to see if this car needs a starter because the starter is located underneath the intake manifold!
  • My car won't start. When I was driving it the infomation center showed " Theft Security Fault " and when I shut the car off it wouldn't start. I want to know if the system can be disabled? And if not how do I resolve the problem.
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