Ford Ranger Suspension Issues

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I have a vibration on my 01 4L V6 4x4 Ranger at 40 and again at 60MPH that goes away when turning right at these speeds. I noticed this after changing brakes rotors and calipers. My Mechanic told me it was probably the tires (new tires same problem) he said front end was fine. while up on lift pasenger tire is harder to turn than driver side. I have driven almost 1500 miles in this condition. What could this be?


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    could be possible bearings.
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    there is no play in the wheel when on a lift no abnormal slop at all. The mechanic told me if it were the bearings I would certainly know by now. I will be trying to change the calipers from one side to the other to see if somehow that is it. When looking at the rotors through the rim it seems to have a slight uneven wear on the pasenger side, I need a closer look. When I first had the problem I have removed the caliper and backed off the pistons with ease so nothing is gummed up (and it is new) My gut tells me it has something to do with the four wheeel drive.....BUt what???
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    you were right it was the bearings the first mechanic was wrong I ended up taking it to the ford dealer and they replaced the bearing hub assembly on the passenger side $576 later.... ouch well at least there is no more noise/vibration thanks for the help
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    The title doesn't say the half of it. My guts feel like a milkshake just gettin to work in this (new to me) 2002 Edge. Is this normal? What should I be replacing to tone this down? Thanks.
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    First thing to do would be to check the air pressure in the tires. There is a sticker on the inside of the drivers door which will give you the correct pressure.
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    That's one of the characteristics of the edge model. Rides like a 4x4 with torsion bar suspension. I changed tires and shocks on mine and is still the worst riding truck compared to my Silverado, Titan, Yukon Denali. The Denali has a 1/3 drop kit with 20s. Heck the ranger rides worse than my vette with the runflats.

    Oh yeah I got a 2003 Edge but somethings telling me not for long. Bought it used with 38K miles on it about 7 months ago to haul junk.
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    i have my 96 ranger with i Beams i bent the axles my springs are bent and i need new shox in stead of replacing all that i was thinkin about putting a f-150 Front end on it what years had the i beams and what am i goona need to do to change it or shouldd i just stick with my reg front. am i just going to weld new sping mounts? what elese is there .
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    My '92 Supercab has a 2.3L and a 5 speed w/ a/c.

    Today,while coming home on the last turn the truck made a loud bang. The right side front dropped about 3 inches. The wheel is still upright in the wheelwell and is not rubbing anywhere. Since it's raining like crazy - I didn't look under the truck.

    Could the frame have broken? Any suspension parts besides balljoints?
    Need a clue here, guys! Thanks.
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    i have a 2000 ranger and it rides rough everytime i hit a bump it is making a popping noise,i put new shocks and tires on the front and it still does it,can anyone tell me what it is that i need to replace.i was told to replace the ball joints
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    I just bought this truck 2 weeks ago. Have had no problems so far.. However, while driving today (about 65mph, turning on an on ramp), I felt a violent vibration in the steering wheel. I pulled over as it continued to shake, I started back out and all was fine, tried shaking the steering wheel.. still no more vibration. As I was pulling back into my driveway (Again, a sharp turn), I noticed that it felt like the front differential was locking up. It felt like one of my tires was slipping, though they are new and I don't see any uneven wear.
    I had previously been hearing a hum, so this morning before all of this happened I put the car up on jacks to check the wheel bearing assembly and I couldn't find any slop when shaking the wheel at all.
    One of my thoughts is it could be a CV shaft? Or something in the front differential itself

    Anyone else have an idea of what could cause this?
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  • thinkbeautythinkbeauty Member Posts: 2
    My 99 ranger 4x makes aloud pop and then has a wicked shimmy any small bump i hit. If I come to a complete stop and start again it will be ok untill i hit another bump or exceed 30mph. What is going on?
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    Had the very same problem. Take a look at your anti sway bar ends. Mine were wore out and when I replaced them(which was a snap) problem was solved.
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    96 Ford XLT 4x4......I changed the shocks but the front end is "bouncing" on smooth pavement, what should I do?
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