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Is the shop at fault?

gravethief13gravethief13 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in GMC
I recently paid to have a used engine installed in my 2009 GMC Canyon. The timing chain snapped on the old one, causing bad things to happen with the engine being of the interference type and all. Everything seemed fine with the new engine at first, but exactly 200 miles after it was installed, I suddenly lost all power on the road and the engine would not turn over. I had it towed and my mechanic said that a hose carrying coolant to the engine had burst, causing all of the coolant to rapidly be released, apparently so quickly that the temperature gauge didn't even register the increase in temperature before the head gasket blew. The heat tabs from the junkyard melted, so there goes my warranty on the engine. My question is, shouldn't the shop have checked out these hoses before just throwing in the replacement engine? It seems to me that when installing something as critical as an engine, that you'd check to make sure the parts functioning to keep the engine alive are in good shape as well. They say it's going to cost at least another $1000 for the head gasket, and I'm already in $3000.
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