Toyota 4Runner door lock motor problems

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Has anyone had any issues with having to replace the locking motor(s) in their doors? I have a 2003 4Runner and had to replace a motor back in May ($400) and I have another motor that is now out in my passenger door. Wondering if this is a common problem or just bad luck for me.


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    I purchased my 1998 4Runner a couple of months ago. Last week I could not get my doors to unlock by pushing on my unlock button. I finally opened the door by using my key. When the AAA person came to help me, he said that the my suv had a powerful sound system that was draining the battery and that I should drive it more than I do. Again, today, I am unable to get my doors to unlock just pushing the button. I will call AAA again, but how to I solve my problem?
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    It sounds like the same problem I had. The lock actuators go bad. One the 2nd and 3rd locks that went out (about a week a part from each other) it took a couple days before the motor quit working. Toyota did cover the cost of the locks but they did make me pay labor - which was about $200 a lock - $400 total.

    Good luck.
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    need some help. rear lift gate/door lock does not work.bought this 04 4runner there a bypass override for this.this is a japanese assembled right hand drive vehicle.if actuator is needed where can one get these parts. will settle to be able to just operate this manually.many thanks!
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    This kinda of sounds like the same problem I am having. I can not unlock my car using my alarm remote. The alarm is factory I bought it with my 4runner. I have 1999 Toyota 4Runner. The remote will lock the car but it will not unlock the car doors. I changed the battery in the remote today but no avail. I called Toyota but got the run around. Is there away to reset the alarm or disarm it??
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    The motor for most of these locks is an FC 280PT-22125 (with a brass tab) or a FC 280PC-22125 (without brass tab) Both are on ebay now for $9.99.
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    There is a local supplier in AU that sells them on ebay, Search: "NEW door lock motor" OR email them direct at: [email protected]. You can have them delivered in AU within 3 days for $22.00 ea.
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    yes, I've had 3 go out on my 2006 limited
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    Yes, these motors just go out. Don't feel bad though. It's not because of bad luck. In Chrysler vans, they have been known to have the door window motors go out all within a couple months. It could be heavy use, moisture from the environment, etc etc. A tip, change it yourself to save money, it will be worth it.
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    mine just started acting up. will unlock with remotes but will not lock. Can anyone help with what may be wrong? 2000 4runner limited.
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    What kind of batteries is suitable for the keyless remote for 1999 Toyota 4Runner? The remote is a 3-button remote, with Lock/Unlock/Rear window. Please and thank you! =)
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