Left front door rattle - 07 Outlander

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Another issue identified with the 07 Outlander is the left front door noise which is more of a rattling sound. Sounds like two pieces of plastic didn't fit well. Can be clearly heard even on low speeds. This is the thread you can post in if you have that problem. It would help if you could share your findings too, if your SUV have this issue. My SUV have this annoying issue too.


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    I've noticed this on my new Outlander too...it is very annoying and I've had to turn the music up louder then normal so that I can't hear it. :mad:
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    Me too. I have the same problem too. My outlander just have 700 miles on it.
    For me, it seems to be the plastic housing on the steering wheel. The vibration of the road seems to getting through through the Steering wheel. If your rood condition is bad, the sound get worse.
    The bottom have two screw seems to barely get the steering wheel housing in place.
    Avoid to get the steering wheel all the way up or all the way down to see if it help (for me, it help a little bit.)

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    We have it too,but I dont think it's a rattle. I think wind is turbulent around the driver's mirror. I think this because it happens on billiard-smooth roads and rough ones. Seems to occur mostly at 40mph. Ive seen this on other cars,most notably a whistle on our Impreza. Im a mechanic and if I can figure it out I'll post back to try and help.

    Im still absolutely satisfied with our car. It's incredibly well equipped (XLS AWD with all options) for the price and an absolute joy to drive.
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    I wrote a letter (snail mail) to MMNA regarding the issues I have with my Outlander (e.g. front-end knock, and front door noise). They were very prompt in their reply. They even contacted the service department of the dealership where I bought the vehicle from. I was given a case number too.

    Service log is full for today and I might take my car in either Monday or Tuesday next week.

    I am of the impression the Mitsubishi is very serious in taking complaints about their products. I am happy with how they handle my case and hopefully everything will turn out to be a pleasant experience.

    I suggest to all owners with these issues to do the same, so these problems get documented and fixed, and eventually get recognized and fixed in future products from the factory.

    For those interested, Mitsu's address is:
    Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
    PO Box 6014
    Cypress, CA 90630-0014

    Please don't forget to include important details to make your complaint legitimate. Include your e-mail, phone#, VIN, dealership where you bought your vehicle.

    I'll keep you guys posted of the progress of this complaint.
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    I have this noise on my new Outlander. has anyone had it fixed? kind of sad to spend so much and have an annoying sound usually associated with cheap cars. the left drivers side mirror i guess.
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    Just came home from the dealer. Had the left door noise fixed. The service manager said that all it needed was a quick fix, and no, nothing's wrong with the mirror geometry. The cause of the problem was a wire inside the mirror assembly that's causing the noise. Well that's fixed. I turned the radio off on the way home and I think their fix worked cause I no longer hear the noise.

    My suggestion, talk to your dealer if you have this issue. I think the good thing is that I wrote to Mitsu first, and I believe Mitsu had this problem figured out, and they called the service dept of the dealership and explained to the technicians and mechanics how to fix it.

    So far so good, it's been really windy and cold today in NW Indiana so I could tell easily if the fix didn't work. But so far all is good. Hope it stays that way. :D
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    Glad to hear the rattle is gone. One issue solved. Any update on the front knock issue?
    BTW, is it me or the thread for this issue is gone?
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    thank you very much for the feed back. I am surprised to find out it was internal, but glad I will be able to fix it, because it was really getting to me. my first brand new car, sounding like all my used cars in the past, did not sit well. thanks again :)
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    They will be ordering parts for the steering clunk issue. They'll call again once the parts are in. Hopefully all will be good as well.

    Thread for front-end knock here: http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/WebX/.f10c00a/20

    I'm sure Mitsu is addressing the issues we are discussing here since I got another message this afternoon from Mitsu Main office asking me for follow-up on the issue, and the lady was very specific in asking if the service guys called me and asked to get my car in for service. So far I am impressed with the way Mitsu handled my case. They're going out of their way to make sure the dealership does its job.
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    you're welcome. :) at this point all that is needed is an appointment with the service dept. i'm happy to see our little forum here has been of help to everyone. because forum members like lukido are posting here too, i was able to relay to the service people that the issues we had is not isolated to the US market. Somehow in the bigger perspective of things, our feedback is also vital to the future development of the vehicle. I'm also looking forward to having co-members from Brunei, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China (soon), and Europe (in March). And hope to hear from our neighbors up north in Canada when the Outlander comes out soon.
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    Hi, I'm from Singapore and intend to buy a 07 Outlander soon. Why didn't I notice those wind/rattle noise during my test drive :confuse: Guess I have to test drive again.
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    I am not sure that every last one of the cars has the problem. some do. It is a fun car, just take your time and see if the good out weighs the bad. good luck.
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    Thanks. Has been spending almost 3 mths gathering informations on this car.
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    Good thing, you really need to be well informed in making a decision which make/model to buy. And do inspect the vehicle very well before to drive it home, so won't have regrets after.
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    Does anyone know of anyone at Mitsubishi who has delt with this problem. I called the main office today and they say they have not encountered this problem before and to just take the car into the dealer and see if they can figure it out. I would rather have the dealer know directly what the fix is here from the main office. Any suggestions?
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    Write to MMNA, don't call. See my earlier post: rcpax, "Left front door rattle - 07 Outlander" #5, 6 Jan 2007 1:47 pm

    My dealer got a call from MMNA and actually got technical advice from MMNA techs on how to solve this issue. It was a quick fix, and the noise was gone for good.

    After writing to MMNA, they called and e-mailed me regarding the issues I had with the vehicle. MMNA called my dealer and gave them advice on how to fix these issues. The dealer then called me to have my car in for a check. MMNA double checked with me if the dealer indeed called me.

    I had both issues, front end knock and mirror noise. They're both fixed now, and the mechanics at South Holland Mitsubishi were very professional. They even lent me a courtesy service car when I had my front-end knock issue fixed.
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    Thanks for the advice. Did you write to them before you took the car in for service. I am being told to bring in the car and let them check it out. I would rather have the techs from MMNA tell the local shop what needs to be done. I certainly dont want to run back and forth to the dealer while they try to guess at the problem. Glad you are resilent, this problem has made me regret my purchase :(
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    Yes I did. I wrote to them first. I received a reply letter from Mitsu and I was given a case number. Within that week they gave me a call to bring the car in for service. Both issues were fixed for good and I still enjoy every mile I drive with my Outlander. The mirror noise issue is a very minor one, easily fixed by the dealer. This one got fixed the first time I brought the car in for check-up. Don't regret your purchase, this mirror noise is on some other SUV makes too, not only the Outlander.
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    I appreciate the help, and even though they suggest to bring in the car you are confident that it make sense to circumvent the chain of command and put it in writing first? Again thanks for your time. I appreciate the advise, I will feel better if this gets fixed but hate that I have to spend time to resolve the issue.
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    You're welcome. It's not really breaking the chain of command. I have had it with helplines, and the dealers basically can't tell you anything if it was their first 07 Outlander since the car is new. So I thought why not write directly to MMNA and see what they say about it. Getting it fixed will need some of your time, hopefully your dealership will have it fixed as quick as did mine.
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    Do you know what they did to fix it, it does sound like wind noise mostly. Again thanks for the input. I think I will follow your advice. To whom did you direct your letter?
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    The paperworks sent to me by the dealer speaks of affixing the vibrating wire with insulation in the mirror housing. I just did a "to whom it may concern" letter and addressed it to MMNA. Got a response by the end of the week.
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