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Ford Mustang Fuel Problems



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    There is a TSB on this as well, apparently sulfer contamination can mess the sender up that is located in the tank. Some fuel system cleaner my help if you don't have time to get to the dealer.

    Its very important that you do not put generic gas in your car. Visit to see what i mean.

    FORD: 2005-2006 Mustang

    Some 2005-2006 Mustang vehicles may have the MIL on with DTC P0463, or erratic fuel gauge concern. This could be from sulfur contamination present in the fuel. Sulfur will cause an open or high resistance on the fuel sender card leading to an erratic fuel gauge reading or setting a P0463.

    Follow the Service Procedure for verification and repair.


    Perform normal Workshop Manual, Section 413-01 procedures to verify the concern. If the concern is verified proceed to Step 2, if unable to verify the concern do not continue with the TSB.
    Replace both the Fuel Level Sensor and the Sender Assembly (Sender card on the Fuel Pump Module) per the Work Shop Manual section 310-01.
  • redcupidredcupid Posts: 11
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: Thank goodness my ford dealership bought my Lemon 07 mustang back , There was no fix for it got to where the car wouldnt take any gas at any station and was sitting on E , This is a design flaw in the Tank and all the replacing tanks and parts is just to get you put off til your 12,000 mile lemon law wont help you. fight to return them to dealership, and get something else, I can put gas in my new car any time ANYWHERE ANY TIME OF DAY NOW NO MATTER WHAT INCREDIBLE.... :lemon:
  • clangerclanger Posts: 7
    I bought a used 2007 Mustang V6 from the dealer I work for! It still has problems fueling;even after they replaced the tank;and tried straighting gas line with plumbers tape.I have problems filling the tank the rest of the way at 1/2 a tank.It will take 20 minutes coaxing it.I have had a few nasty comments from people waiting in line at the pumps.If you have arthritis in your hands;this whole issue is maddening.I told the Ford Rep. how painful it was too pump the gas taking 20 minutes and it keep clicking off ;with my right hand. He asked me;whats wrong with the other hand? I do love mustangs? Don't you think these problems should be figured out before consumers get them?
  • redcupidredcupid Posts: 11
    again, I was told to fuel upside down with the pump to get gas in by a ford engineer, then it overflows everywhere, That overrides the fuel shut off, Which if you read your owners manuel it says never let the gas nozzel click off over 1 time pg 42 so I started useing that info as the reason the fueling became more difficult to get the tank even at 1/8 after running it to E after 5 returns to dealership they finally said they would try to get Ford to do a buyback, it took many shop visits leaving it asking for rentals copying all gas receits one dayIi went to 15 gas stations and couldnt get past 1/2 of tank Ford will fight you not to replace anything!!! instead of makeing it right, That gas tank cant be fixed and that is what I was told even by service reps. look at lemon laws in your state on internet. I have a replacement now But after this I will trade it in later and I will never Buy a Ford again, after the agonizing fight I went through for 4 months their is a tsb report on this problem if you ask for it at your dealership that states it cant really be fixed it started on all 05- 07 models..
  • clangerclanger Posts: 7
    It seems like Ford has a younger bunch running things;and making bad choices! Customer service does not exist anymore.I personally have always driven Fords;its all my parents ever drove.I will not buy a Ford again;and never a used car . I still love putting the top down in the mustang;getting off work;and having a nice ride home.I quess I still like the red mustang;only because I have a real red furry mustang at home! Thats why I didn't buy new;the real mustang needs food! You would think they would pull all the used and new left from previous years still on the lot;at least make sure you can fill them with gas! What is stupid;1 in 50 mustangs has the fueling problem from 2005 thru 2007. 3 years! At least a redesign for 2008.I usually have said do not buy first year models;so they can work problems out.So if I am still kicking in 5 years; buy a new Camaro? Maybe! ;) It seems like Ford would keep the loyal customers happy! I DO NOT THINK THEY CARE!
  • gino45gino45 Posts: 52
    I am considering buying an 08 mustang and was wondering if that model year still has the gas tank issues that were reported on the 05 to 07 model year.
  • clangerclanger Posts: 7
    A Ford engineer was the first to tell me about how the 2008 was redesigned. I would like to put a 2008 next to 2005 to 2007 up on a rack side by side;plus I would take it to the pumps and fill it up to make sure;its not an issue. I will always be a sucker for the mustang.The Ford dealership you are buying your Mustang from;should be more than willing to let you do these two things;if not find another dealer. Just ask before you sign on the dotted line! Be informed! Ford or the dealerships do not want to be responsible for the modifications that their doing on the mustangs because they would have to be liable! :( Good luck!
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    I have an '06 GT and have never had a problem with fueling. I love my GT.
    Good Luck.
  • clangerclanger Posts: 7
    I sold my 2007 mustang convertable;I traded it for a 2003 GT coupe;that has 17. 000 miles. A lady had it and took good care of it.I was amazed how much heavier it is to lift the trunk and hood on 2003. I miss the car I sold. I hope to buy a 2010.I am glad you like your GT! Dealing with Ford reps,advisors, engineers;was mind boggling! FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! I work for them too;it just made it all more complex! What a mess! Ford will have to do something. :cry: ;) I wonder why I just do not go buy a Honda? I love having Ford's;but they do not deserve our loyalty. :mad:
  • I drove it on Saturday and Sunday and everything was fine. Did not drive on Monday. Got up to go to work this morning (Tuesday) and it would turn over but would not start. I checked the fuel shut off switch and everything there is ok. Any suggestions as to what is wrong would be appreciated.
  • I have this problem with my 05'. I turn the gas pump upside down so it is fueling downwards. It it the only way to keep it from clicking. You just have to be careful that it does not overfill, as the pump will not shut off automatically indicating your tank is full. Either turn the gas gauge on and monitor it while fueling, or fill it up from empty, no more than 14 gallons to avoid damaging the floater.
  • In the state of California;you can not leave your pump.You can get ticketed for not being right there at the pump.I am small enough;I can not hold the pump upside down and watch the gauge.My gauge never shone full;even though it was! Ford never accepted responability for that either! My 2007 mustang is sitting on the car lot for someone else to deal with! I bought a 2003 mustang GT.At least it fills up and the tank shows full! The 2003 was made better;and is a blast;a little untamed!!!! But I cannot be happier.The 2007 was not worth the frustration! A big loss in dollars.Buyers beware! :) ;)
  • :cry: :lemon: I wanted you to know ;people with arthritis in their hands cannot be turning pump upside down .I can not handle holding it down manuelly without automatic fueling option.Good luck to you;and enjoy your mustang! :blush:
  • I've just read your message and I wonder if you were able to solve this problem. I bought a 2000 V6 Mustang brand new, a present for my daughter's high school graduation. She now works at some firm here in San Diego. Wednesday She drove it to work and parked at a parking the afternoon the thing won't start. The engine turns over but no start, got it towed to the dealer and it started as they were getting ready to work on it. Sunday she came to visit us, parked on the side street. After 2-3 hours, she started it ...sputtering.....and then dies. The motor turns over for restart but no start....Gas PROBLEM....HELP. Appreciate any suggestions.
  • The problem with mine was the modulator, that is the black box that the plug wires go into. I replaced that and haven't had a problem since. Hope this is all that is wrong with yours, but with the spitting and spuddering it could be the fuel pump. Not sure. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2010 mustang. I love this car but have one issue I dont get. It has the computer that tells you miles to empty. the other day I took it to 8 miles to empty yet was only able to pump 14 gallons of gas in the car. usually it will take about 12.5 . My question is if it has a 17 gallon tank why cant I fill it to at least 16 gallons. also even after filling the computer says less than 300 miles are available. does this car get really bad mileage or is something wrong with my gauge.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    It keeps a 1-2 gallon buffer on the DTE readout for safety (same with E on the fuel gauge). What is your average MPG? Are you resetting it with every tank? 300 sounds about right if you're doing a lot of city driving.
  • recently round tripped from the great NW to San Diego and back.
    Multiple re-fills since then in my home turf.

    Filling the gas tank was absolutely not a problem except for 3 stations in a row then one more later - all in southern Salifornia. With the very difficult to seal vapor trap on those pumps, I could fill more than a couple gallons before I gave up from all the pump stops.

    Perhaps its not merely the car, is it poorly designed or maintained pump nozzles?
  • I think California pumps are at the top of the game! But the pumps need to me the same in every state! Laws and requirements for the pumps need to be straight across the board.The auto makers I am sure have had night mares with all the requirements.But I feel sorry for people like myself who bought a used car;that was brought into this state by way of a car auction.It had real issues with CA. pumps;since the auto maker and car dealer would not stand behind the car I had bought!!!!!!! I traded it back to the dealer its on his shoulders to sell it to some other pour sucker???????? Who has it now???????? Sad isn't it???? I will never buy another used car again!!!!!!!!! Or a Ford!!!! They burnt the bridge!!! :lemon:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    How is that Ford's fault? Sounds like a California/dealer problem to me.
  • Have any of you 05 GT owners had a problem with a gas smell inside your car? I get a gas smell the first time I start the car, and sometimes when the car is restarted from a short time frame. The smell is strong at times, I changed the injector seals and a month later the same smell has returned. Any suggestions as to the next fix? I've heard the the fuel filter could be the cause, if so where is it located? :confuse:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Doubt it's the fuel filter. Could be the evap cannister - I think that's the most common cause. Could also be a leaky fuel injector that leaks while it sits, then burns off after you start the car.
  • my 2001 is doing the same thing took it to ford dealership and they said its my fuel pump sensor, drove it sixty miles and it started doing that again and now its so bad that it completly shuts off i have to let it sit and then it gives me another thirty miles before doing it again. can anyone please shine a light to my problem??
  • I have a 97 pony car 6 cyl.5 speed The car will be running fine and then it will lose power the engine will continue to run but will idle down run rough and then finally die,

    If you wait 10 minutes it will restart and run fine. Any thoughts??? Thanks
  • did you ever find an answer, my 97 just started doing it
  • I am a fleet mechanic.We had 2006 Ford pickup with a slow fueling problem.I replaced the charcoal cannister and the filter shown in the link to ratstangrestoration link. The pictures look a lot like the parts on the truck.Our trucks operate in extreme dust conditions all the time.The trucks filter was also clogged.The truck had a half of gas in it. I filled it up after repairs and it took gas just fine.
  • 2000 mustang v-6 theft light flashing car wont start anyone ever had this problem
  • xaerosxaeros Posts: 1
    Bought my first mustang a couple of months back, check engine light was on, had to change the o2 sensor, not a big deal, thought I'd also change the plugs, and wires for the plugs.

    Now it seems like I don't have the power that I once did. Placed the old wires back on car, restored some of the power, but it still acts like its loading up. or bogs down when to press the gas peddle. No codes being thrown this time around. don't have much elc to go on. Any in put would be nice.

    Thanks in advance:
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