Volvo S60 Starting Issues

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I just got stranded in my '04 S60 2.5T. After towing into a local shop to be worked on, I was told the start was bad. It wouldn't work unless you tapped on it wth a hammer. I have 62,000 miles on it, and most is highway driving, pretty much in perfect shape. I phoned the dealership where I bought the car and asked if there are issues with starters, and I got an evasive answer. That got me to thinking there may be something going on. Anyone know anything?


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    I know you posted back in December but I purchased an '02 S60 and around 70k I had a starter issue - I spent a great deal of aggravation diagnosing this problem via tapping on the starter to get the car going - grrrrrr - should not have to have this issue on a volvo under 150k !

    The dealer would not replace under warranty.

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    Warranty only runs to 50k.

    Starters are generally not a problem.
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    just bought a 2005 s60r. love it. on cold starts, after the turbo idles down (about 30 seconds) the engine makes a funny noise. this noise is coming from the front left (standing infront of the car w/ hood open). it sounds like a belt or something is rubbing. my salesman told me that that these engines need ample time to warm up. also needs time to cool down after long, hard drives, which i do buy into.

    i haven't taken it into the dealership because i would have to leave it there overnight.

    has this happened to any of you?

    Joe, Toronto, Canada
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    I have a 2002 S60 with a clunking noise when I go over
    bumps. SOunds like sometning is loose. Is their a bushing that is a common failure on these, or is it more likely a strut? ANy help is appreciated. I hate going to the dealer. :mad:
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    this may seem silly, but check the spare tire.
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    My 2007 S-60 2.5T still under warrantee does not like to start 1st try every morning and after sitting all day at work. Tries to start cought and spoutters and dies. starts immediately on 2nd try. Volvo changed the ignition switch almost a year ago helped until about a month ago. This week the computer shown no error codes they tested the electrical system told me it was ready. This AM same as always. Sounds more like a fuel problem to me.
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    don't let this go - I had this problem with my 2001 and waited quite a few miles before insisting on it being checked. Have had to replace bushings on front and rear.
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    I went to start my s60 and the key turns but not all the way so the car won't turn over. Any suggestions?
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    Did you ever figure out what was wrong and was the problem ever fixed. I am having a very similar problem with my S60. It has been at the dealer for a month and virtually everything has been replaced on the vehicle and it still isn't fixed. I'm not sure what to do next.
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    Yes Yes Yes
    It appears they finally got it to start. Hoy Fox Volvo El Paso tells me Volvo told them to change the injectors. I think it worked. Starts 1st try every morning so far been 1 week.
    Took her for a test drive El Paso to Dallas and back. spent the night started fine and still got 29.8 MPG for the entire trip.
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    New to this forum but this sounds like exactly what is going on with my 2006 S60 T5. My wife will drive it to work in the morning and then like clockwork at lunch it will sputter and not start and the second time it will start up.

    I have been into our Volvo dealership going on 8 times (UGH!!!) and they have replaced the computer, putting in a new fuel siphon this time and replaced the antenna rings. I am going to call them right now to see if they have looked at the injectors (good call).

    Here is a video of our issue.

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    This was the 3rd or 4th visit. the service adviser told me Volvo told them to change the injectors. They had the car for 1 week. It happen the first time when it had 1000 miles and they change the ignition switch, that seemed to work for about 8 months.
    Good luck.
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    I have a 2003 s60 for two weeks. Twice, It could not start. Plenty of power to accessories unitl I turned the key to start, Then all accessories/lights turned off. No starter sound. First, time, I had it towed to the shop. When they took it off the wrecker, the car started. Yesterday, after about 20 minute of Off/On key switching, the car started. Is this similar to your problem? And, have you been able to get your problem identified or repaired. The Web reports many similar problems lasting from minutes to weeks.
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