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We recently purchased a 2006 Toyota Corolla and when driving on an open highway there is a whistling noise on the front side of the car on the drivers side. Have had into the service dept and they changed the seal around the exterior mirror but did not help. Please advise.


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    Has your dealer heard the noise or are they guessing from your description? We have had the top windsheild mouldings buzz at hi speeds,especially in cross winds, on these.
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    have you gotten this whistling resolved?

    I just bought an '06 Corolla in January, and notice this on especially windy days. It's always when I'm on the highway (65mph+). I think if you turn the fan on (whether vent, a/c, whatever) it minimizes it slightly. But a "real" solution would be great. I just dread having to take it in and try to describe what it sounds like, and them not be able to reproduce it, and have it just drag on and on like that.... I bought a bumper to bumper extended warranty, so I'm not concerned about that - I just discovered the seat belt in the back seat doesn't latch, so will need to take it in soon anyway.

    Any info you can provide would be appreciated!
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    We also have this same problem. Usually it's at 70+ MPH but it's extrememly annoying. The radio barely drowns it out! My assumption is that when the right wind velocity blows into the vents a certain way it vibrates a semi-flimsy source causing the high frequency whirring. I knew that Toyota wouldn't be able to fix it, too. However, I bet the testers for Toyota are well aware of this glitch but probably thought it was too costly to remodel. PLEASE let us know if you've resolved this annoyance!
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    Others have had their windshields removed and resealed, and the problem went away:

    I took mine in last week and they spent a few hours trying to reproduce it, but of course it wasn't a windy day, and they weren't able to. Just as I'd anticipated. ;-)
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    My 2006 Corolla S does the same thing. The dealer could not dublicate the problem and they said it might be the outside mirror causing the whisling noise. But when on cold days it feels like a draft.
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    I have the same issue with my 06' Corolla, wind noise at 70+ mph . Most other forums I checked out stated that the noise was due to winshield not being sealed in properly. So I'll be off to the dealer ( while the car is still under warranty) trying to explain this issue to them.

    Never had any such issue with my 04' Camry, 07 ES350 or 06' Sienna. I guess Toyota provides little quality control over an economy car.
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    The noise comes from the trim moulding at the top of the windsheild buzzing when the wind is at the correct speed & angle across it and is nearly impossible to duplicate.
    Glue/sealing the moulding to the windsheild will cure it. It takes a good body shop all of about 5 minutes to perform this repair.
    The windsheild does not need to come out do this.
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    Here's a video that shows how bad mine was -- of course this was taken during a strong, continuous wind.


    After getting back from vacation the Toyota dealership saw the video and had my windshield replaced - and I've had no problems since.
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    Cool video! Too bad they overkilled the repair with a windsheild replacement.
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    they resealed it, not replaced it. sorry if that's what I said - was trying to do too many things at once again. ;-)
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    Been there done that
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    I have an '06 Corolla S and I luv it but when the weather is humid there is a rattling noise in the rear. The dealership has tried unsucessufully. They've installed noise kits, replaced the vent shade for the sunroof, but nothing. (I knew it wasn't the shade.) Please help!! I love the car but hate the rattling noise.
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    I have an '04 S that had a similar problem. Check the fit of the front window gasket at the front corner of the window (That is, at the window frame angle right beside the top of the mirror mount). The gasket should fit in the "U" channel of the door frame precisely. If the corner looks rounded or if the gasket looks bunched up, uneven or is protruding on the outside of the glass and door frame in that corner, that's probably where your wind noise is coming from. On mine, Toyota built the car using a gasket with out adhesive backing & when it was replaced with an adhesive backed gasket, it stayed in place and wind noise went away. Mine was driver's side, but now I'm beginning to see the passenger side start to look funky.... should have insisted that both be replaced (car was still under warranty when the DS gasket was replaced).
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    After reading several posts, it is evident that people for some reason DO NOT READ THE MANUAL THAT IS IN THE GLOVE BOX. You can save time and frustration not to mention getting to know your vehicle by just browsing through the manual. Car makers could save millions of dollars if they did not include the manual, so READ IT.

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    Well, I took the car in and explained the problem. They couldn't reproduce it, but they said they had a service bulletin out about the problem. They resealed the windshield and it's fixed now. (got 3 free oil changes out of it too because we dropped the car off and they called us back saying they didn't have the glue, but would have it the next day.) BONUS!
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    Hello ppl..
    i have a Toyota Corolla 2003 S and i a little window noise when i am driving at a certain speed , when i took it for a check i need to change the window gasket
    i live outside the USA
    where could i get them online?
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    My 06 Corolla S did that simular thing. It happened when I was wiping out the door jamb after washing. I must have hit the weather stripping and knocked it out of it's track. It made noise then I saw what I did and now it is quiet.
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    Hi everyone. My 2005 Toyota Corolla S (auto) does the same thing. When I am on the highway going 55-75 mph, a whistling noise comes on. After investigating it for two weeks, the whistle noise does NOT come from the windshield or the dashboard. The noise comes from the moonroof. However, there is no auto shop in town that can fix it. So anyone have any ideas?
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    It's the faulty seal they use, which is the same on the windshield and moonroofs. They know about it, but it's not a safety hazard, so they don't make a big deal about it. If it's still under warranty, they'll "fix" it for you. We took ours in and they replaced the seal. The whistling didn't go away completely, but for the most part it was a lot less annoying.

    Sounds are made by vibration. So, air is getting in through somewhere and vibrating the seal, making the noise. It's difficult to troubleshoot or fix yourself without replacing the entire seal. You can try pressing your fingers up against the seal at various points along the seam and see if it goes away or changes frequency. If you find the point, maybe you can ask an auto shop what you can do to seal the leak.
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    thanks discombobd. well, sadly, there is no more warranty on my car. I just bought it (used). So yeah. But thanks. I will take it to Toyota and see what they say.
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