Will a snapped oil pressure sensor cause engine not to start?

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Hi there, My 2005 Ford Focus S 2.0 4 door hatch suddenly stopped turning over this morning, however I push started it and runs good. It jump started the other car in my driveway so battery is sweet. I looked underneath at the starter motor and noticed the oil pressure sensor has completely snapped off, the connector cable looks fine, I pulled the broken piece out. Im wondering, before I delve more, would no oil pressure signal at all to the computer, cause the computer to not allow the car to start? Im used to older vehicles. The computers confuse me. And im a girl so its not so easy for me to remove the starter motor (if thats the case, and was my original suspicion). But seeing the snapped sensor has made me wonder if the problem is easier fixed than I thought. I read its a possibility with some newer makes and models. Just unable to confirm if its the case with mine.


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    The oil pressure sender has nothing to do with the starter control. Common failures of the starter circuit include the clutch switch, the one that closes the circuit when you step on the clutch pedal.
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