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Chevrolet Blazer/GMC Jimmy: fuel tank problems?

Hi when I try to fill my car up with gas the pump will shut off almost instantly and will not stay on (this isn't the gas stations fault). What could cause this? Would it be and air hose for the tank that is clogged so the air can't get out or what?


  • Ball in there is stuck or yes there is a vent hose - look under and you will see it.
  • rgwizrgwiz Posts: 6
    Recently I hear a "thump" or like an expansion klunk comming from the gas tank.
    I usually happens about 30 seconds to a minute after I shut the Blazer off.
    I have also noticed that the gas pump will sometimes shut down when getting gas.
    Is this the same problem as above? Or, is the "thump" something else? It sounds like the gas tank is either releasing pressure or could something like a vent be clogged?
  • maasy13maasy13 Posts: 6
    The noise that you are hear is not from the gas tank as i also originally thought. It is actually from the muffler the service department i took my car to said that the outer shell gets hot and expands then cools off rapidly which causes it to contract and pop.
  • rgwizrgwiz Posts: 6
    Gee, thanks very much maasy13!
    I never thought it could be the muffler. That's a relief.
  • psychropodpsychropod Posts: 4
    This past Sunday, my buddy and I were replacing the fuel pump on my '96 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 4DR, 4x4. We got the tank off, got the old pump out, put the new pump in, but then discovered that on the front side of the tank is a little hose that goes into the top of the tank. Apparently it broke when the tank came off, and NOTHING is mentioned in my Haynes manual about this. (Yes, I was pretty pissed -- in fact, I have an issue with Haynes lumping together all S-trucks from '95-'04, considering there are significant differences across the model years.) buddy and I deduced that this must be a hose that captures spillage and routes it back to the tank, for those times that the truck is driving on bumpy roads, rocky terrain, etc. What I need to know is 1) WHAT is this thing called, and 2) is it necessary to replace it, or is there a way to patch it up or bypass it without any problems? It's not mentioned anywhere in the Haynes manual -- so I think it's something GM got rid of after my model year, and the Haynes people were unaware of.

    This is especially frustrating because we've done most of the work and just need to put the tank back on. Thanks for the help!

  • How do I get the ball unstuck?
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